Overcoming implementation challenges, risks and concerns

CGI Accelerate is an innovative and streamlined approach for CGI Advantage software delivery projects. It incorporates CGI core standards and methodologies along with CGI’s proven implementation and upgrades best practices and tools, such as automated testing, defect management, delivery packaging, and program management office support (PMO).

CGI Accelerate offers a complete and focused approach to streamline upgrade implementations. This full delivery life cycle offering encompasses all aspects of an upgrade, including: code analysis and merge, database upgrade script consolidation and tuning, test execution and defect resolution, mock installation and onsite delivery, user acceptance testing (UAT) support and issue triage. All upgrades are configured to meet client needs and demands. Quality, time-saving services and deliverables help build, validate, package and deliver a custom solution. Key benefits include:

Reduced cost and timeline
  • Streamline installation and downstream testing activities with configurable  package installers, consolidated data conversion scripts, and comprehensive next steps and reference materials for UAT and cutover readiness
  • Allocate staff to other critical implementation efforts to avoid negative impacts to day-to-day user support

“Accelerate services gave us faster testing which lead to faster issue resolution. They gave us compressed scripts that included our customizations which lead to a faster DB upgrade and less downtime. They gave us feedback and suggestions about changes to configuration that would help us avoid issues and errors. They freed up our staff to work on other projects. Overall, Accelerate services gave us the most vital resource of all; they gave us time.” - Tara Crisp, Cobb County, Georgia, Technology Services Manager

Increased quality and efficiency
  • Minimize deployment issues and address high-impact software defects by validating upgrade software in CGI Accelerate client-representative environments prior to onsite delivery
  • Track deliverable quality following CGI’s proven best practices for automated testing, defect management and PMO support

CGI’s Automated Testing Services saved us weeks of time on our upgrade.” - Dawn Krucker, Olmsted County, Minnesota, HRIS Coordinator 

Comprehensive, repeatable methodology
  • Upgrade more frequently and remain current with a product’s release schedule, while maximizing software maintenance efficiencies
  • Repeatable process for installations, data conversions, and internal CGI testing

“I was very happy with the mix of project management and programming skills the Accelerate on-site team brought to bear on our installation ... it was a big help to be able to have the code merges and database upgrades from version 3.7 to 3.9 done for us.” - Mark Conway, Volusia County, Florida, Project Leader

Transparency with real-time results
  • Consistent, scheduled status meetings, including detailed discussion and a review of execution results and upgrade tracking materials
  • Configurable  delivery and upgrade documentation including a catalog of observations and findings that require additional client analysis prior to cutover
  • Documented list of all technical components associated with delivered software upgrade

“We were very satisfied with the results of the Accelerate team’s delivery and the professionalism and skills of our on-site team. The Accelerate team’s delivery was designed around our needs and requirements. By providing the merged code with installation procedures, preparing the database upgrade scripts, pre-test and validation, they saved us time and resources, allowing us to focus more on other project activities.” - Faranak Arab, City of Cleveland, Manager of Application Delivery and Support Services