Unparalleled citizen services delivery

As a Canadian based global company, CGI is uniquely positioned to strengthen the citizen journey by helping the Canadian government innovate, digitize services and operations, and improve the speed and effectiveness of the delivery of citizen services.


Partnering with the government to drive Canada’s digital transformation

Governments around the world are in the middle of a fundamental transformation as they modernize how the public sector operates in today’s digital world. Learn how CGI is working with public sector leaders to help Canada reach its potential.

Professional Development Week (PDW)

Join us at DPI Professional Development week May 7-9 in Ottawa! We’re looking forward to having meaningful discussions, attending inspiring sessions, and having our own Alexandre Synnett speak on “Unlocking the Power of AI and Machine Learning” Wednesday, May 8th at 11:15.

Partnerships between the public and private sectors have a powerful and transformative effect

CGI has spent the last 48 years bringing innovation and delivery excellence to everything we do, and we are honored to work with Canada’s public sector leaders.

Trusted Partner

CGI partners with hundreds of governments in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific to transform citizen interactions while improving operational excellence and reducing costs.