As you move to the cloud to digitize your value chain to better operate and serve customers and citizens, we work with you to unlock value across your cloud journey.

Tailored to your unique business needs, we bring together insights, experience and partnerships to holistically look at your cloud strategy, transform to cloud solutions and optimize your cloud operations.

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Strategize & Plan

Create or validate your cloud strategy to continuously realize value from cloud investments.

Cloud Assessments

Build confidence in your cloud transformation by creating an effective cloud strategy, a cloud readiness index, better understanding potential cloud costs (FinOps) and identifying the right cloud technology partner. Brochure - Cloud Migration Assessment

Define your cloud strategy and roadmap

Turn your cloud strategy into an actionable and agile roadmap so your organization can navigate the path forward confidently, avoid and manage potential roadblocks, and make a seamless transition to the cloud.

Conduct business strategy impact analysis

Understand the impact of cloud opportunities in terms of business value and outcomes so you can make better decisions to guide your cloud operations and activities.

Establish your cloud foundation

Avoid the need to re-work the design of your initial cloud footprint by using CGI’s standardized landing zone deployment for any cloud provider(s) to ensure you have a secure and stable cloud environment for future growth and scaling.

Architecting cloud solutions for an intuitive payments experience


Bring your cloud strategy to life.

Migrate application to cloud at scale

Rehost quickly and confidently move your applications to cloud in a cost-effective way, with minimal disruptions and risks.

Modernize enterprise apps

Migrate your enterprise platforms like ERP and CRM to the cloud so you can respond to changing market conditions with agility.

Develop cloud native apps

Build new systems in the cloud to realize cloud’s full potential - including keeping pace with the speed of business change, accelerating product and service delivery, getting the most from your data, and making more informed decisions.


Run & Improve

Redefine the role of operations in the cloud and maximize the returns on your cloud investments.

Manage your hybrid cloud

Reconcile your traditional processes and services, as well as new processes and services, across multiple commercial cloud environments using a secure, common IT management approach that enhances security, governance and transparency.Brochure – SKYPortal Automation PlatformBrochure - Unify360 Hybrid IT Management Platform

Manage your cloud services

Draw on CGI’s pool of certified cloud professionals to manage and support your Day 2 operational requirements using a managed cloud service approach that includes configuration management, monitoring, patching, backup and disaster recovery, identity and access management, and security.Brochure - Managed Cloud Services

Ensure the readiness of cloud DevOps

Take the stress out of your internal IT transformation and get your cloud operations team/DevOps ready to bring your new digital solutions to market faster by partnering with CGI’s experienced cloud professionals who can ensure  you have the right infrastructure, tools and training to move forward confidently.

Harness your data with cloud AIOps

Prevent and resolve problems in your IT operations faster by harnessing data generated by your systems.

Scale advanced analytics & intelligent automation

Put your data to work at scale by using cloud technologies to break down data siloes, ensure the integrity of your data, understand hidden relationships, and drive unique insights to transform your operations.

Cloud security

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Cloud security

With CGI's cloud security services, we will bake security into your cloud journey.


Modernize cloud governance

Review and realign governance to support your cloud at scale using automated policy enforcement and transparent compliance reporting.

Enable cloud security

Establish repeatable security patterns and guardrails to prevent security breeches and minimize the blast radius.

Receive cloud security coaching & advice

Leverage CGI experts to help identify cloud-first security technologies, integrations and processes.

Obtain cloud security managed services

Use CGI’s cloud security services to protect and manage security for your cloud or hybrid environment.

Business agility and innovation

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Business agility and innovation

Using scaled business agility to drive enterprise-wide value.


Embrace business agility

Design agile business and operating models that can help you accelerate value creation and become more future ready even amidst constantly changing economic, market and business demands. Learn more

Accelerate innovation

Build robust innovation capabilities, master emerging technologies and speed up the process of moving proof-of-concepts out of the lab and into your business so you can begin achieving real value more quickly. Learn more

Infrastucture as a service

Cloud datacenter

Managed Services through Stratus+ IaaS

Our platform provides on-demand access to a robust, scalable, fully auditable IT Infrastructure as a Service.


Managed Services through Stratus+ IaaS

Our platform provides on-demand access to a robust, scalable, fully auditable IT Infrastructure as a Service. Stratus+ IaaS, CGI's domestically managed cloud, is a "purpose built" secure, self-serve managed cloud platform that enables organizations to provision, manage, scale and evolve their workloads. Stratus+ brings a consumption-based model to IaaS. 
Brochure - Managed services through Stratus+ Iaas


Network orchestration refers to actions in setting up devices, applications, and services in the network to achieve objectives. The Stratus+ network can be consumed in a simplified manner to ease the client’s connectivity challenges, by offering automated network services. 

Provisioning Workloads

Stratus+ IaaS features a number of characteristics that separate us from other virtual services and public cloud providers. Stratus+ is a fully curated, managed and provisioned service, available only to a limited number of users, and secured behind a firewall. Amongst the many features offered within our platform, one of the key capabilities is to provision a secure workload rapidly. 

Backup Services

Backup is an essential service, proving our clients access to files in the event of unforeseen loss or corruption, safeguarding against infrastructure failures and most importantly – it provides clients with peace of mind and confidence in a time when viruses/ malware are prolific.