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Loreta Perdigon

Businesses turn to managed multicloud models to address complexity and cybersecurity

May 8, 2024 With businesses looking to meet ever-evolving requirements and to benefit from the latest technology advances from different providers, multi-cloud environments are becoming the norm. Say goodbye to the days of single public-cloud deployments. What is multicloud and why are more...

Andrew Donaher

AI for Financial Services : the revolutionary power of AI is fueling a paradigm shift

January 29, 2024 The unprecedented power of Artificial Intelligence is in sharp focus for organizations everywhere today and CGI’s AI experts are providing market-leading guidance on the critical need for responsible AI adoption, while delivering a sustainable competitive advantage as the rapid pace...

Dave Richards
Dave Richards

Powering the transformation from telco to techco

January 24, 2024 The call for telcos to transition into techcos stems from a convergence of factors. First, consumer expectations have evolved. Today's customers want more than just connectivity; they demand holistic digital experiences, integrating communication with smart, user-centric solutions.

Magdalena Szymanski,
Magdalena Szymanski

Becoming a customer-centric organization – The five essentials

September 28, 2023 Digital acceleration has significantly increased customer and citizen expectations, and governments and businesses alike are trying to keep pace. While organizations in Canada identify improving the customer and citizen experience as a top priority (2023 CGI Voice of Our Clients)...

Navjeet Nehra

Four key trends in the race to enhance customer experience and reduce insurer costs

March 24, 2023 The race is on for Canada’s life and health insurers to adopt revolutionary new technologies amid fast-changing marketplace demographics and the need to meet evolving customer expectations in the digital economy. Younger consumers are rapidly reshaping the marketplace as they...

david hooper
David Hooper

Bridge IT and business strategy, to be “open” banking ready

February 3, 2023 In this eight-part article series, we explore Canada’s journey to implement an ‘open banking’ system, the first phase of which is set for launch in fall 2023. This is the sixth article in the series. APIs. Micro services. Open architecture...

david hooper
David Hooper

How do we solve the ‘trust puzzle’ so Canadians use open banking?

December 9, 2022 Open banking is being hailed as the new frontier in financial services, but are Canadians excited about it? Do they even know what open banking is? The answer to both questions is undeniably “no.” To date, open banking has been...

david hooper
David Hooper

‘Read only’ is NOT enough: we need ‘write’ capability for open banking to deliver real value

December 6, 2022 In this eight-part article series, we explore Canada’s journey to implement an ‘open banking’ system, the first phase of which is set for launch in fall 2023. This is the fourth article in the series. To write or not to...

Franck Descubes
Franck Descubes

Navigating open banking in Canada: Applying new strategies and tactics to thrive

November 2, 2022 As Canada advances towards an open banking system, many people are wondering what the early returns of this transformative process might look like? Open banking is expected to transform the financial services marketplace, but it won’t happen overnight. Speed of...