Organizations expect significant return on investment from their predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and robotics projects. But reaping the benefits of such transformative programs is only possible when accurate models that are relevant to the business objectives are used.

CGI will help your organization not only identify the right operational business objectives and decision points, but also collaboratively develop the roadmap and implementation plan to achieve your success

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Identify relevant use cases

Leverage CGI consultants to define, refine, and uncover essential data analytics and AI use cases driven by your business value.

Create an intelligent organization

Lead your business to the future. CGI will help you synthesize and operationalize data at scale across the entire organization.

Develop data governance

Build data governance and management frameworks to improve data accuracy and avoid facing privacy or regulatory issues.

600+ consultants across the country

CGI in Canada has a growing team of 600+ members dedicated to advanced analytics and AI consulting across the country, including data scientists, data engineers, AI architects, AI engineers, industry SMEs and more.

Delivering high value to organizations

CGI’s global footprint allows us to tap into a pool of 5,500+ experts worldwide and catalog more than 150 use cases. To date, our consultants in Canada have delivered 110+ high-quality projects with proven ROI.

Top technology partners

Thanks to long-standing partnerships with top vendors and solution providers such as Microsoft, Google, AWS, Salesforce, and SAS, CGI’s data analytics and AI teams are fully equipped to help you deploy and manage the most reliable technologies.

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Develop an advanced analytics and AI strategy

Create a digital strategy roadmap that makes sense of data, takes it out of silos, and puts it to work so you can make better decisions.

Turn data into action

Automate data capture and implement interactive dashboards and technologies to generate insights that can quickly be operationalized.

Better leverage our data

Uncover hidden relationships and patterns buried in your data using AI/ML to generate unique insights, gain new perspectives and predict outcomes.

Boost productivity with automation

Improve productivity and let people focus on value-driven activities using intelligent automation and RPA.

Enhance data governance

Protect sensitive data end-to-end to ensure privacy, adhere to compliance requirements and limit risks.

Improve outcomes

Use advanced analytics, AI and ML to get a 360-degree view of your operations, establish benchmarks to measure incremental success and added value, optimize processes and generate insights to drive improvement activities.

Are you looking for a consulting partner for your big data, predictive analytics, robotic process automation (RPA), AI/ML, and similar projects in Canada?

We work with organizations end-to-end – from strategy development through to implementation, execution, and continuous learning. Our management foundation and business practices support IP co-development and a joint go-to-market strategy as well.

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