Cyber threats are a daily challenge for organizations around the world, no matter their size, industry or geography. Rising data ecosystem complexity, greater supply chain connectivity and increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks requires elevating the cybersecurity posture while optimizing existing cybersecurity investments.

At CGI, we have long been invested in the mission of cyber security, proven and tested in many environments and situations. An extensive technology ecosystem and independent mindset allows us to build cybersecurity solutions tailored to your needs.

CGI named ISG leader for cybersecurity

Assess risk

Assess and prioritize risk based on specific business, risk and compliance context.

Develop security strategy

Develop a robust cybersecurity strategy for your organization that will allow you to build cyber resiliency and protect business value.

Manage cyber threats and risks

Create a program for managing cyber-risks, including identifying automated and intelligent tools that can improve monitoring, incident identification and response.

Enhance governance and compliance

Improve governance to ensure sensitive information is protected, adhere to compliance requirements and limit risks.

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Protect your business

Embrace a ‘security first’ approach within your operations and test its ongoing effectiveness.

Define security Architecture & engineering requirements

Identify the architecture and engineering activities needed to create an agile cybersecurity approach aligned with your objectives.

Secure engineering & enabling technologies

Identify, secure and implement the most appropriate cybersecurity solutions and tools for your organization in order to protect your business value.

Conduct testing & assurance

Develop and implement a testing and assurance program to ensure protection remains robust, identify gaps and weaknesses, and help guide your future cybersecurity investments.

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Operate with confidence

Monitor, prevent, contain and respond to security attacks in a reliable and cost-effective way

Undertake incident response & forensics

Create a robust approach for managing incidents and conducing forensics so that you can continually enhance your cybersecurity activities.

Run your security operations

Draw on CGI’s pool of cybersecurity professionals to support your security operations through a Managed Security Service – including activities like protective monitoring (industry-standard Security Incident Event Monitoring/SIEM), identity and access management, managed detection and response (MDR), pro-active threat hunting, advanced threat intelligence (ATI) and forensics, and intelligent security operations centers (SOCs).

Conduct cyber threat intelligence

Undertake proactive risk assessment and threat intelligence in order to identify, understand and proactively position for emerging cyber threats.