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Organizational cyber resiliency is comparable to the endurance of professional athletes. To consistently perform at their best, athletes build up mental strength and agility by training rigorously and using their ability to re-focus when faced with adversity. Similarly, at CGI, we coach our clients to achieve that endurance level — or cyber resiliency — by preparing them to manage cyber attacks though effective and rapid response, so that they can get back in the game.


Protection des données


Helping clients secure the systems an organization relies on to operate and grow.

Cyber Risk Strategy and Governance

Identify, measure and manage the unique business requirements for cybersecurity and IT resilience. We develop, implement and support Cyber Security Frameworks in line with industry best practices.

Cloud Security

Cloud security concepts differ a great deal from their traditional infrastructure security counterparts. CGI’s approach to cloud security can help organizations translate these security requirements to cloud native environments to maintain security during cloud migration. Also key and critical to our cloud security approach is the deployment of tools and technologies to gain complete visibility of data flows, access and changes.

Design Secure Architecture

We accompany your transformation projects to help define secure architecture and principles across your organization, offering security and resilience by default.

Training and Awareness

Increase the awareness and cybersecurity skills of your workforce, from technical experts to C-level.

Identity and Access Management

Enable digital business in an evolving environment by managing identity and access across your enterprise’s employees, customers and suppliers.

Application Security

Identify application vulnerabilities, validate architecture for appropriate security controls, analyze source code to find security flaws and coach developers and testers to develop secure applications.

Continuous Vulnerability Assessment and Management

Active security evaluation to identify and assess vulnerabilities and weakness in security posture. Client-specific, actionable and prioritised recommendations for remediation.

Compliance Management

Manage your cybersecurity compliance program, globally and locally. Implement standards and policies (framework) in support of regulatory and internal compliance.

Data Protection

Detect, monitor and prevent data related activities, based on pre-defined policies and processes. Covers on premise, Cloud, mobiles, and more.

Offensive Security

Assessment, design and implementation of the management and process tools that ensure organizations remain secure.


cybersecurity transformation change


Helping clients identify and manage known and emerging threats.

Global Security Operation Centers

CGI’s Security Operations Centers (SOCs) around the globe deliver around-the-clock cyber detection and prevention services to handle threats and respond quickly and effectively. Our 24/7/365 surveillance protects our client’s data and operations, brand reputation and intellectual property.

Managed Detection and Response

Continuously monitor events and immediately respond with actions, recommendations, or solutions 24/7/365. Certified professionals and processes ensure support of client environments globally.

Threat Intelligence

A deep analysis of data to derive actionable insights that inform decision making.


government cyber breach control room


Helping clients respond to and recover from cyber attacks and breaches.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response

CGI maintains a Digital Forensics and Incident Response capability to help our clients advise, coordinate and manage all activities necessary to react quickly and decisively to suspected or confirmed cyber attack or data breach.

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Business Continuity Planning

Plan your business continuity challenges across your organization and prepare for crisis management.

Threat Hunting

A strategy to proactively detect threats that evade traditional approaches to security operations and proactively go after threat actors.



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