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In the race to transform and become future ready in today’s fast-changing digital economy, Canadian manufacturers say they are addressing an array of business priorities that are now at the top their agendas.

As part of the Canadian Space Agency’s Connected Care Medical Module initiative, we are proud to announce the delivery of our prototype, named Harmony. Our prototype integrates the latest advancements of medical support technologies, designed to transform the way people...

Andrew Donaher

AI for Financial Services : the revolutionary power of AI is fueling a paradigm shift

January 29, 2024 The unprecedented power of Artificial Intelligence is in sharp focus for organizations everywhere today and CGI’s AI experts are providing market-leading guidance on the critical need for responsible AI adoption, while delivering a sustainable competitive advantage as the rapid pace...

Dave Richards
Dave Richards

Powering the transformation from telco to techco

January 24, 2024 The call for telcos to transition into techcos stems from a convergence of factors. First, consumer expectations have evolved. Today's customers want more than just connectivity; they demand holistic digital experiences, integrating communication with smart, user-centric solutions.

Revolutionizing business operations. Transforming cybersecurity as fraud threats soar. Managing compliance challenges. Tapping into the power of advanced analytics. Delivering digital customer experiences

The company aimed to analyze its IT expenditures to improve asset management and identify cost optimization levers. They worked with our business consulting team to help put into motion spend analytics, cost optimization, vendor management and service delivery improvements across...