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CGI’s Aromi enterprise resource planning system manages all of a food service provider’s processes—from sales, to production, to delivery—enabling food service providers to improve their operations and address changing customer, regulatory and ecological requirements, all while focusing more attention on their core business.

Card payments

We deliver payment services to both the retail finance and retail oil and gas sectors, offering software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for credit, debit, prepaid and loyalty cards.

CGI Accel360

CGI provides a fully-managed service for enterprise automation and AI, enabling you to gain all the benefits of automation and AI technology without managing the platform.

CGI AccelerateAI360

CGI AccelerateAI360 is a service combining machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and data exploitation consulting with a leading-edge data platform to generate and operationalize results.

CGI AccuLender

CGI AccuLender is a collaborative platform that complements mortgage lenders’ current loan origination system (LOS) investment and optimizes business processes using data, predictive analytics and emerging technologies.

CGI Advantage® Case Management

CGI Advantage Case Management automates and transforms processes for creating and managing cases to improve efficiency, flexibility and customer service.

CGI Advantage® Collections

Governments can increase revenues by improving all types of debt recovery—including taxes, overpayments, fines, unpaid fees and other debts—without raising taxes.

CGI Advantage® ERP

CGI Advantage ERP is a powerful combination of modern technology and integrated business applications that are specifically built for government use.

CGI AgileDX-Hydrogen

CGI AgileDX-Hydrogen is a data exchange platform built to support effective collaboration within hydrogen ecosystems. It provides a centralized view of data and processes, promotes full transparency and auditability, and enables seamless internal and external communication to help make insight-led business decisions.

CGI AgileDX-Sustainability: ESG data platform

Sustainable organizations recognize that efficient gathering, management, and secure exchange of ESG data are keys to solving ongoing challenges and meeting ever-growing reporting requirements. They also understand that external validation and enrichment of their sustainability data can improve visibility into their entire value chain and help them identify and pursue new opportunities.

CGI AgileDX: Data exchange platform

An operational-ready, intelligent data exchange platform that enables you to seamlessly share data and communicate with internal and external stakeholders within your digital ecosystem.

CGI AgileIQ Suite

CGI AgileIQ Suite provides a tightly integrated set of tools that enable teams to define, build, test and deliver applications with unprecedented velocity, control and uncompromised quality.

CGI AgileUnity

CGI AgileUnity delivery portal is designed to work with any Agile managed delivery, offering clarity regardless of product sector, scale or complexity.

CGI All Payments

CGI All Payments is a modern, modular, cloud-ready solution built on global industry standards to ensure your payments business is future-proof.

CGI All Payments: SEPA instant payments

CGI All Payments offers a real-time payments engine that enables banks to meet the challenges of complying with Europe’s SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCT Inst) scheme.

CGI Atlas360

Through this global, multi-lingual solution, CGI helps clients outsource their customer relationship processes to enhance the customer experience, increase efficiencies and cost-effectiveness, and improve time to market.


CGI BICEPS is a flexible enterprise solution that streamlines and integrates data to automate processes, reduce costs, and speed up production across the process industry.

CGI Case Management solution

CGI’s Case Management solution automates and transforms case management, driving efficiencies, flexibility and enhanced customer service.

CGI Central Market Solutions (CMS)

CGI’s Central Market Solutions primarily are data platforms which exchange all types of data and support market facilitation in a sector with increasing decentralized energy resources.

CGI Credit Studio

CGI Credit Studio is a cloud-native credit management platform powered by intelligent automation and machine learning. It includes everything you need to re-imagine the credit management life cycle, including software, business processes and underlying IT.