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Using disruptive artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze data can lead to innovation in operational processes and in the development of new products and services. For data-driven insurance to be successfully implemented and sustained, top-down/bottom-up leadership is required.

As embedded finance transforms the banking landscape, we share some insights to help you think about its impact on your organization and navigate the change.

CGI’s latest financial consumer survey titled, “Today’s Financial Consumer: Doing the Right Things in the Right Way to Satisfy Changing Expectations,” provides insights into consumer sentiments on key topics such as innovation, satisfaction levels, and service price-mix. It’s based on...

Utilities are in the midst of unprecedented transformational change. The rapid adoption of distributed energy resources (DERs), evolving regulatory mandates, and growing expectations from customers participating in the energy ecosystem are driving this evolution at scale and pace. How can...

Extreme temperatures and urbanization are both set to dramatically increase in cities around the world. The resulting loss of green and blue areas, heat stress and air pollution are all key areas affecting citizens’ quality of life and neighborhood-specific living...

Seven recommendations to help you prioritize digital investments while tackling near- and long-term uncertainty

For the tenth consecutive year, CGI is a proud sponsor of The Global Treasurer’s Transaction Banking Survey, which offers critical insight into the corporate-to-bank relationship.

Discover how aligning your ESG goals with your payments modernization strategy can help your bank meet market demands, increase operational efficiency and deliver sustainable finance to its clients.

Learn how to build a cloud compliance culture in banking.