The need for expert integration services in today’s digital world is more urgent than ever. As organizations seek to deliver seamless services that extend from their core systems to modern customer-facing apps, they are bringing in data and functionality from more and more sources, both internal and external.

Additionally, customers and citizens have much greater visibility into the end-to-end supply chain. As a result, organizations must ensure the quality integration of their mission-critical systems, from ensuring accuracy and integrity along the way, to providing robust security and data privacy.

CGI has decades of experience in bringing together systems and technologies for clients. This includes integrating critical data coming from traditional sources as well as emerging ones, such as the Internet of Things and social media.

Our client proximity model gives us deep expertise in our clients' business and technology environment. 

Key elements of our business systems integration approach include:

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Integrated security to provide proactive, business-aligned strategies that improve risk management, productivity, data integrity and compliance.

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Global delivery network to provide the best combination of value and expertise. Our delivery centers provide clients with access to the right skills from the right locations at the right time and for the right price.                                

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IP-based solutions are highly configurable “business platforms as a service” embedded within our end-to-end service offerings .

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