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CGI, one of the world’s largest business and IT consulting firms, announces that the CGI Hotscan360 business solution has been recognized as a market leader by leading research and advisory firm Celent in its latest Financial Crime Compliance Technology: Watchlist...

Frederic Miskawi
Frederic Miskawi

Human + artificial intelligence: Driving fortitude and a human-centric future

April 16, 2024 This CGI blog post shares insights on creating a symbiotic relationship between AI and human intelligence to drive business outcomes.

Torsten Bernstrom
Torsten Bernström

NATO’s 75th anniversary: A reminder of the importance of building resilience

April 15, 2024 As NATO commemorates its 75th anniversary this month, it prompts reflection on its enduring principles and adaptability in response to evolving security landscapes. Central to NATO's ethos is collective security, embodying the belief that unity fosters greater safety and strength...

Patterns help us see and make connections in our world, enabling us to solve life’s complexities. AI drives a transformative approach to recognizing and using patterns to accelerate innovation. The key is creating synergy between humans and AI, combining their...

Our clients are seeking new ways to remain competitive amidst turbulence. They're turning to emerging technologies, such as business process automation, to streamline operations, reduce costs, and focus resources on innovation and growth.

As the global race to net-zero emissions continues and demand for clean energy sources intensifies, the hydrogen industry is poised to boom and unlock unprecedented opportunities for a healthy planet. Clean hydrogen is fueling an emerging hydrogen economy and its...

CGI’s Gaetano (Nino) Pace presented at the 2023 Big Data from Space (BiDS) conference in Vienna, Austria. The event explored the impact of big data from space on some of society’s biggest challenges, such as climate change and key policies.