CGI PulseAI, a human-assisted intelligence platform, leverages the capabilities of generative AI and machine learning to redefine, streamline, and automate business processes across the enterprise. It also enables insights-driven decision-making through predictive analytics and conversational AI.

Supported by our extensive industry knowledge and global strategic partnerships, CGI PulseAI is highly customizable and can be seamlessly integrated with existing applications and workflows.

With CGI PulseAI, you can:

  • Develop AI use cases effortlessly
  • Use natural language processing, computer vision, and audio processing to increase operational efficiencies
  • Deploy intelligent chatbots and virtual assistants for tailored internal and external customer support experiences
  • Enhance decision-making by transforming diverse datasets into actionable insights


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CGI PulseAI differentiators

High-performance intelligent process automation: Through pre-trained large language models and advanced deep learning techniques, CGI PulseAI consistently achieves processing accuracy rates that exceed 90%, increasing operational efficiencies and accelerating the launch of new business processes.
Full customization and flexible integration: CGI PulseAI is fully customizable and offers flexible integration options. Suitable for both on-premises and cloud environments, the platform is cloud-agnostic and supports seamless API integration. Clients can choose between local or CGI-managed deployment.
Structured and unstructured data analysis using generative AI: Using generative AI, CGI PulseAI Studio analyzes structured data for predictive modeling and unstructured data for natural language processing. Advanced features include document classification, entity extraction, semantic search, and an interactive chatbot for dynamic Q&A sessions. Through CGI PulseAI Studio, clients benefit from hyper-automation and decision intelligence, enabling them to make more informed, data-driven decisions.
Transparency, governance, and privacy: We designed CGI PulseAI with strong transparency, governance, and privacy in mind. Backed by our robust Responsible AI Use Framework and thorough risk assessments, CGI PulseAI aligns perfectly with regional legal standards and clients’ unique ethical values.


Generative AI

AskCGI (chatbots)

  • Generative AI chatbot for common business tasks
  • Option to develop enterprise-specific chatbots
  • Option to train chatbots based on industry and enterprise data
  • Ability to use natural language to query databases or document repositories
  • Ability to locate and suggest experts from your team

CaptureHub (document processing)

  • Classify document sections and pages
  • Capture entities into a structured output
  • Conduct semantic search of information documents
  • Automate medical records, safety datasheets, invoices, and other documents
  • Build custom pipeline

AnswerFlow (inquiries)

  • Upload any document
  • Use natural language to ask questions
  • Summarize or extract information quickly
  • Run sentiment analysis or identify action items
  • Leverage organizational understanding
  • Conduct code search
  • Apply structured query languages (SQL, Excel formulas, etc.)

Common services

  • Harness generative AI technologies via a no-code user interface or integrate with services directly through API endpoints
Visual intelligence through computer vision
  • Table detection: Image-based table analytics
  • Symbol classification: Visual symbol identification
  • Custom vision pipeline: Custom image modeling and processing framework
  • Optical character recognition: Robust image-to-text conversion technology
Acoustic intelligence via audio processing
  • Speech-to-text: Verbal input transcription
  • Text-to-speech: Automated voice generation

Decision intelligence

Customized predictive analytics with machine learning

  • Customer behavior forecasting: Advanced machine learning algorithms for predicting customer behaviors, enhancing strategic planning, and targeting accurately
  • Data-driven decision-making: More informed decision-making based on comprehensive data analysis and predictive insights
  • Personalized customer journey mapping: Tailored customer journey experiences based on predictive analytics, ensuring a more personalized and outcome-driven customer engagement strategy
Advanced insights with unsupervised AI
  • Key metric identification: Efficient capture and analysis of key performance metrics, enabling deeper insights into business operations
  • Data mining at scale: Effective mining of vast data volumes, uncovering valuable information and trends that would otherwise remain hidden
  • Micro-segment and pattern discovery: Detection of nuanced micro-segments and patterns within data, offering a more granular understanding of customer behaviors and market trends
  • Rapid insight-driven change: Swift delivery of actionable insights, facilitating quick and informed decision-making to drive meaningful change

Conversational AI

  • Streamlined agent interactions: Introduce automation in agent conversations for increased efficiency
  • Human-like interactions: Facilitate intelligent, human-like conversations through advanced AI capabilities
  • Omni-channel engagement: Offer a seamless bi-directional experience across various channels including web, voice, and SMS
  • Dynamic workflow integration: Empower systems with the ability to adapt and manage dynamic workflows efficiently
  • Comprehensive conversational experiences: Ensure robust and engaging conversational journeys across multiple platforms like web interfaces, voice communications, and SMS text messaging
  • Enhanced agent-user interactions: Automate and refine conversations between agents and end-users, enhancing overall communication effectiveness
  • Effortless agent handoff: Implement seamless transitions to live agents, equipped with all necessary context for a smooth continuation of the conversation
  • Advanced call analysis: Leverage generative AI for detailed call summarization and sentiment analysis, contributing to improved call quality assessments


Person placing post its on a board

CGI PulseAI Orchestrator

Develop custom workflows with a visual workflow canvas.

data warehouse

CGI PulseAI Connect

Leverage pre-built connectors to plug CGI PulseAI into your data sources and downstream applications.

Person’s hand touching a digital device

CGI PulseAI Annotation

Annotate documents and images for custom and pre-built models.

CGI Pulse Learner

CGI PulseAI Learner

Train your own custom AI/ML models in a no-code environment.

CGI Pulse Monitor

CGI PulseAI Monitor

Analyze the outputs of your models directly from advanced analytics dashboards.

Person in home office

CGI PulseAI Operations Platform

Move models from training to deployment and manage them through an end-to-end operations platform.