Our ownership culture is one of our most distinctive attributes. Each of us has a role in shaping the future of CGI, and the unique opportunity to participate in all aspects of the company. We work together to bring our company Dream to life:

“To create an environment in which we enjoy working together and, as owners,
contribute to building a company we can be proud of.”

Share in our success

Colleagues discussing business solutions

Today, 85% of us are company owners, demonstrating our deep commitment to the success of our clients and our commitment to one another. We benefit from the rewards of our success through various ownership programs.*

  • Share Purchase Plan – You’re invited to participate in the Share Purchase Plan from day 1. Through the plan, you set a percentage of your salary to be invested in CGI shares, and CGI matches your contribution dollar for dollar, up to a certain percentage.
  • Profit Participation Plan – Our meaningful work is recognized through the rewards of the Profit Participation Plan, which distributes a portion of our profits based on the achievement of CGI’s financial objectives and individual performance.
  • Referral Program – Our colleagues know talented candidates. When we successfully refer candidates to a position at CGI, we’re offered a generous referral bonus.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Incentive Program – We’re given the unique opportunity to participate in the growth of the company. Those of us who refer a successful merger are eligible to receive additional compensation.
  • Local programs – CGI offers competitive benefits for all who join us. Click on the “explore in your geography” link at the top of the page to discover the benefits packages available within your country.

* Ownership program details may vary based on a country’s local requirements.

Be part of our strategy

Colleagues discussing business strategy

We strongly believe in strengthening the bond with our colleagues and leaders. Transparent communications based on mutual respect, including regular individual and team meetings, are at the core of our everyday operations.

  • Voice of Our Members – Each of us has an equal opportunity to provide feedback on CGI’s strategic direction. Every year, we’re invited to participate in a CGI-wide consultation. We are consulted on various topics, such as our service delivery to clients, growth strategy, culture and work environment. Our voice helps inform our company’s strategic plan and makes a difference in shaping life at CGI. Example initiatives enabled by this program include our evolved global learning program, a robust internal case study library, and internal tools to facilitate job rotation opportunities.
  • Annual Tour – This is a company-wide event that kicks off the new fiscal year. It’s a unique opportunity to meet with our colleagues to discuss results, celebrate our successes, learn more about our business plans for the coming year, and engage in Q&A with our senior leaders.
  • Synergy sessions – As owners, employees are invited to participate in synergy sessions, which is the formal method in which we learn from our colleagues and collaborate in building solutions. Through these sessions, we pool together our experiences, knowledge and imagination in a structured way to tackle a specific issue.