Each year, we gather executive views on the trends affecting their organizations and industries, along with their business and IT priorities. Through our CGI Voice of Our Clients (VOC) research, we analyze these findings to provide actionable insights by industry—based on facts, not hype—to benchmark best practices.

Our anonymized knowledgebase reflects insights from more than 8,000 client conversations over the past 5 years across 21 industries in countries representing the majority of the world’s IT spend across all economic sectors. It comprises 1 million data points from an average of 1,700 executive interviews each year, of which 43% are business executives and 57% are IT executives.

Depth of our data

in-depth conversations with executives in 21 industries
data points collected for trending purposes
57% / 43%
split between IT and business executives

Insights you can act on

We offer comparisons for benchmarking purposes based on these insights, by country and economic sector. Our industries include banking, communications and media, energy and utilities, government, health and life sciences, insurance, manufacturing, retail, consumer and services, space, transportation and logistics.

We can draw insights from comparisons and share the findings in consulting sessions to support the development of your strategies and business planning. Our data and best practices originate from decades of successfully delivering enterprise-wide business and strategic IT consulting, systems integration, and managed services.


Consult with a CGI expert

Our consultants can compare data among peers across industries and geographies, based on a variety of topics.

  • Macro trends
  • Industry trends
  • Business and IT priorities
  • Digital strategy
  • Innovation investment
  • Business and IT alignment
  • Business agility
  • Data strategy
  • Intelligent automation and AI
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data privacy and protection
  • Cloud and IT modernization
  • IT budgets
  • IT human capital
  • Sustainability

Explore how digital leaders advance ROI-led transformation

Our VOC interviews generate key findings on the attributes of digital leaders within your industry to help you gauge your progress in accelerating digital transformation. We define digital leaders as those executives who say their organizations are achieving expected results from their digital strategies. 


Learn more about the attributes of digital leaders

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