Insights you can act on

Insights are incredibly powerful. They look to space to help sustain life on Earth. They transfer trillions of dollars through secure payments. They power homes with clean energy. They benefit the wellbeing of millions of citizens. They are all around us, but it’s unlocking them that matters.
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Insights you can use to power 40 million homes

As the drive to decarbonization accelerates adoption of renewable energy sources, we help clients find new and smarter ways to effectively manage renewable assets.
Solar energy

Insights you can trust to move $21 trillion daily

Our end-to-end solutions and industry insights enable banks to transfer more than $21 trillion in payments every day—the equivalent of the entire U.S. gross domestic product.
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Insights you can rely on to support 1,000+ satellite missions

From Europe’s first weather satellite in the 1970s, to today’s evolving global navigation satellites, to tomorrows digital twin of the Earth, our insights help ensure mission success.
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When turned into actions, insights push the limits of what’s possible

Imagine how you can turn insights into actions, to better serve your customers and citizens, to optimize your digital value chain, to build your career, and to help create a better world.

Business success isn’t just about where you’ll go and how you’ll get there. It’s also about who you’ll team with. Our purpose is to serve as trusted advisors, delivering insights you can act on. Through comprehensive and scalable IT and business consulting services, we help you achieve meaningful and sustainable outcomes.


represents our deep knowledge of industry trends and your business and IT priorities. It also highlights our industry and technology expertise, and the best practices we’ve built over more than four decades of serving client needs.

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You can

emphasizes our client-first mindset and dedication to deliver value to your organization. It reflects how we work side-by-side with you to co-create the future.

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Act on

expresses how, through our global insights and local experts, we help build strategies and deliver services and solutions that achieve tangible outcomes.

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$21 trillion
moved daily


satellite missions supported
40 million
homes powered by clean energy