The accelerated drive to net-zero is fueling adoption of sustainable energy sources and technologies. This includes greater use of renewable energy, the development of new energy ecosystems, and installing smart meters to better analyze energy consumption data.

The renewables sector plays a pivotal role in supporting the energy transition. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), global renewable electricity capacity is forecast to rise more than 60% from 2020 levels to over 4,800 GW by 2026. This is equal to the current global power capacity of fossil fuels and nuclear combined. 

A powerful platform for managing renewable assets

Energy and utilities companies need smart ways to effectively manage their diverse and distributed renewable assets. We help clients manage their renewable platforms and sources through our Renewable Management System (RMS). RMS comprises an integrated set of tools to maximize energy production, increase availability, control energy losses and improve overall operational performance. Proven to handle high volumes of real-time data, RMS incorporates world-class tools to turn this data into actionable insights.

RMS monitors and controls in real-time 8,622 wind, solar and hydro generators with 17.5 GW installed capacity in 12 countries. 

Case in point: CGI’s RMS solution enables real-time monitoring and control of all of Portuguese utility Generg’s production assets, substations, and other relevant equipment, across the wind, hydroelectric and solar technologies in their portfolio. Read more

Facilitating sustainable energy ecosystems

The energy transition increasingly depends on more intensive data exchange and collaboration between market parties. This requires core systems and data platforms that all market parties can access. CGI’s Central Market Solutions (CMS) platform supports data exchange and market facilitation in a sector with increasingly decentralized energy resources. It provides a foundation for smart grids, smart meters, energy communities and new services for energy efficiency monitoring, electric vehicle charging, demand-side energy management, and distributed electricity generation, as examples.

Our energy market experience and software are used across 14 market systems in 10 countries.

Case in point: CGI and Fingrid Datahub Oy launched a next-generation electricity information exchange system on February 21, 2022, accelerating Finland’s move to a more sustainable energy production model and fossil-free society. Datahub will centralize approximately 3.8 million energy data points on a single platform and support about 80 electricity retailers and 80 distribution system operators (DSOs).

Integrating smart meters to increase energy efficiency

In Great Britain, a national roll-out of 53 million smart meters to more than 30 million domestic and small business premises is well underway. The Data Communications Company (DCC) has made significant progress with the roll-out since its start in 2016, with the 20 millionth smart meter connected to the DCC network on May 4, 2022 and consumers and businesses already reaping the benefits.

CGI is the DCC Data Service Provider (DSP) responsible for building and operating the DCC data systems required for communicating with these smart meters. Separately, we provide DCC users with a turn-key DCC Adapter suite of smart metering integration solution and services for integrating with the smart metering network, enabling energy suppliers, networks operators and other users to harness the power of smart meter data. Learn more.

Helping clients navigate the energy transition

Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is one of our generation's most complex and urgent challenges. The CGI Voice of Our Clients reveals that the majority of oil, gas and utilities executives say sustainability is core to their ability to create value for customers.

We are proud to help our energy and utilities clients around the world continually sense and respond to dynamic change to improve their organizational resilience and take leading positions in an environmentally sustainable future.

For example, to accommodate the growing expectations of prosumers participating in the energy ecosystem, CGI OpenGrid DERMS helps utilities orchestrate and regulate distributed energy resources (DERs) for enhanced reliability, network efficiency and grid performance.

Learn more about how we help clients navigate the energy transition and about our insights you can act on approach