We met with 174 energy and utilities executives to understand their top priorities and how they are preparing for and adapting to key trends shaping their organizations. This year, executives are prioritizing:

  • Responding to new energy market demands by optimizing investments and operations
  • Securing the business through IT/OT cybersecurity
  • Accelerating modernization and AI innovations to drive business excellence
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Clients are rethinking data quality, as they realize its impact on AI.

say improving data quality is the top data strategy improvement initiative over the next 3 years
cite AI as the top innovation priority over the next 3 years
are exploring GenAI, while traditional AI implementations are up


  • Climate change grows in importance
    87% cite climate change as a high-impact macro trend shaping their organization (+5pp year-over-year) 
  • Technology & digital acceleration impact rises
    68% cite technology and digital acceleration has having high impact on their business (+9pp year-over-year)
  • Impact of value chain reconfiguration remains significant 
    >80% of clients cite the impact on their business and the need to evolve (XX year-over-year)


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Organizations generating expected results from their digitization strategies—the digital leaders—share common attributes that enable them to accelerate outcomes compared others. For example, in energy and utilities, digital leaders:

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Are less challenged by
legacy systems


vs. industry average

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Extend data protection
strategy to ecosystem


vs. industry average

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Have highly agile
business models


vs. industry average

pp = percentage points


Adapt to the new energy market with enhanced data strategies, automation and cloud solutions.


Improve cultural and organizational alignment in both IT and the business to be able to respond quickly. 


Rethink and improve data quality to drive actionable insights and energy transition efforts. 


Focus on practical, industry-led applications for AI to improve business outcomes.


Secure the business with cybersecurity to enable safe, secure use of new technologies and AI.

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