Across industries, executives must navigate increasingly dynamic markets driven by macro trends, such as technology acceleration and changing social demographics, as well as manage complex, interconnected systems. They are challenged to pursue long-term transformation while responding more rapidly to change in the short term. Balancing these imperatives requires moving from a traditional predict-and-plan model to a sense-and-respond approach.

Such an approach enables leaders to manage transformation as a continuous journey and create lasting stakeholder and societal value, while also adapting to ongoing change.

Change must deliver value, especially in uncertain times

We help leaders think boldly and act pragmatically as they transition their organizations to sense-and-respond planning and build value-led strategies, operating models, and roadmaps.

Our integrated approach focuses on closing alignment gaps, increasing business agility, and addressing the critical human aspects of change through cultural, organizational and change leadership.

What is strategic alignment? It is the alignment of an organization’s business strategy, operating model, and change roadmaps. This includes alignment among business and technology leaders, functions, and processes across the value chain.

What is business agility? It is the ability of an organization to continuously adapt to changing market conditions, customer needs, and internal or external disruptions. Agile organizations break down functional silos, embrace an innovation mindset and empower teams to act more autonomously.

Improving end-to-end alignment 

CGI’s strategic alignment services, frameworks, scorecards and digital platform accelerate clients’ business outcomes:

  • Capturing critical information to assess the impact of change by looking from the outside in, evaluating key trends that are driving market and customer change
  • Aligning value, strategy, capabilities, actions, and results using proper tooling and frameworks to improve end-to-end visibility, connections, communications, and transparency
  • Connecting strategy to execution with an agile change execution model to accelerate value creation and allow teams to pivot and react quickly to changing conditions and priorities
  • Embedding sustainability at every step to realize shared value and advance ESG objectives
  • Optimizing the use of data to support value-led decision-making and improve returns on investment
  • Facilitating collaboration at every step and enabling faster decisions through our advanced collaboration platforms

Improving end-to-end visibility, connections, communications and transparency

strategic alignment loop: business strategy, business and operating model, change execution

Market change areas

Internal assessment, macro-economic analysis, market intelligence, stakeholder management, innovation management

Enterprise change areas

Ambition design, human-centered experience, decision design, value proposition design, business model design, operating model design

Execution of change areas

New ways of working, change leadership, cultural diagnosis, scenario planning, value realization, workforce organization, diversity and inclusion


We offer flexible engagements based on where you are on your journey—whether you need to refresh your business strategy, identify and improve performance gaps, or address specific scope areas.

What you can expect

We’ve applied these services and tools across industries and geographies to help clients:

  • Confidently develop and execute their business strategy, operating model, and roadmap
  • Visualize and manage their increasingly complex, interconnected systems and processes
  • Accelerate shared value realization to include value to all stakeholders and society
  • Enable every leader in the organization to become a strategist and collaborate on a cohesive strategy across all levels and departments
  • Support open collaboration, reduce complexity, and improve trust, transparency, and communication

Cases in point

CGI business consultants collaborate with industry leaders to help them overcome the challenges they face. Here are examples of proven use cases where CGI has supported clients and their journeys from strategy, operating model to delivery of results.

Major rail company sets new ambitions and directional focus
  • Embedded innovative mindset to set new direction, insight and transparency in the strategic planning process
  • Reinvented sprints with smart tooling to improve efficiency
  • Formulated business and technology strategies and 5-year enterprise roadmaps
City of Munich advances strategic digitization
  • Accelerated the digitization of processes as well as services for citizens, paving the way for greater efficiency, cost savings and an improved citizen experience
  • Established a portal that provides citizens with 24/7 access to online services as well as a digital twin of the city to promote sustainable development, mobility, and other innovative solutions

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Partnering to bring Beneva’s bold digital plan to life, powered by business agility
  • Orchestrated change through a disciplined, agile transformation program
  • Embedded agile leadership in the corporate culture
  • Enabled delivery of value based on prioritized initiatives from the company’s six portfolios

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By connecting strategy to execution and bridging competing imperatives, we help clients think boldly and act pragmatically through our business consulting services.

Learn how we combine decades of consulting experience and a deep understanding of our clients’ operations with best practices, tools, and frameworks to accelerate results.

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