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Innovative and disruptive technologies, megatrends, and changing market conditions, as well as new organizational models and work practices, are having a profound impact on organizations and their employees. This requires evolving corporate cultures and work behaviors. We partner with clients to develop strategic change management approaches that ensure their people and processes advance necessary changes efficiently and sustainably.

More than half of executives interviewed in our latest CGI Voice of Our Clients research cite change management as their top constraint to achieving business priorities. CGI’s change management consultants help you to prepare your stakeholders for change, adapt your organizational design and processes, build your change management capabilities, and measure your change effectiveness.

For decades, we have supported a wide range of clients worldwide in planning and executing large change management projects. We use innovative methods and proven tools that are based on global best practices and lessons learned through countless transformation projects. We co-design your project with you from end to end, collaborating creatively in developing a change management strategy, implementing change management initiatives, and executing turnaround measures, as required.

Our change management services include, but are not limited to, the following:

End-to-end, people-centric change strategy and change adoption for large and complex programs, or novel technologies and methodologies
  • Large and/or complex transformations: Programs impacting large number of employees; multiple countries, departments, and/or cultures; external partners, vendors, and contractors; external stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, government, citizens, etc.
  • Novel technologies/methodologies: Projects with increased adoption risks, such as artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, cloud migration, agile development, new work, data-driven business model implementation, ESG, and new compliance requirements.
Culture and people integration roadmap and execution for M&A or managed services
  • Mergers and acquisitions: Bringing people and teams together in a unified, high-performing culture post-M&A
  • Transitioning to managed services: Facilitating the successful integration of transitioning employees and managing the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of remaining employees
Work design and talent management roadmap and change adoption

Enabling the future of work, nurturing a culture of belonging, and fostering long-term employee retention

Change accelerators

Increasing your capacity for change and transformation through:

  • Change foundation and initiation to link your vision and change adoption with the project implementation from day 1
  • Culture blueprint to assess your organization’s culture and develop a culture change roadmap
  • Change Management Office to build change management capabilities and facilitate change adoption across a portfolio pf change initiatives   
  • Governance and collaboration to foster transparency among program and project teams to reduce efficiency loses and improve results.
  • Post-change adoption assessment to help gauge your change adoption, utilization, and proficiency, as well as chart corrective actions, if necessary


These services are underpinned by an iterative, people-centric framework that aligns with all major change management frameworks:​ ​

Management framework

Our 300+ change management consultants apply their global expertise and local cultural understanding to help you achieve true business value through people-centric transformation. We bring following advantages:

  • Insights derived from nearly five decades of experience across a wide range of industries
  • Client proximity, providing local accountability backed by extensive global cultural experience and resources
  • Accreditations from all premium certification providers, including Prosci, PCI, CCMP, HIS, etc., and continuous learning for all of our consultants

Flexible engagements that meet you where you are—whether you need to refresh your current approach or build an enterprise-wide strategy and capabilities.

Consultants in a meeting

  • Purposeful vision: Communicate your vision with stakeholders openly, comprehensibly, and frequently
  • Change leadership: Lead empathetically through active listening, empowerment, role modeling, and influence
  • Sound strategy and alignment: Assess your organization’s culture, impact chains, and human-centered risks holistically
  • Iterative implementation: Implement actions, tactics, and hacks iteratively and adjust, as necessary, at pace
  • Qualitative and quantitative metrics: Measure accurately and consistently

Cases in point

Guiding a large German city through a reorganization of IT operations


  • Digitized processes and established new organizational structure in a highly heterogenous environment
  • Increased financial transaction security, sped up audit processes, and delivered greater traceability and transparency
  • Enhanced internal communications structure, deployed effective change management and communication measures, and enabled cultural and process realignment to support the digital transformation
Helping a leading telecommunications firm increase agility, time-to-market, and customer satisfaction


  • Accelerated change/transformation initiatives and software development with higher quality and faster time-to-market
  • Provided CGI agile and change management consultants throughout the transformation and the implementation of best practices
  • Coached employees in new agile roles and in communication and change management
Partnering with a large pharmaceutical firm to build a new business strategy and reorganization plan


  • Defined new business strategy within a restructuring context, taking into account significant social impact
  • Established new organizational structure aligned with social priorities and initiatives, along with new operational models and processes
  • Developed the foundation of a new corporate culture and implement a related change strategy
Evolving a European railway’s maintenance operations


  • Improved train maintenance prioritization and the use of maintenance windows, as well as overall train maintenance
  • Engaged and aligned program participants, connecting global and local stakeholders through a joint change management office and local ambassador network
  • Conducted workshop series to co-create a macro change management strategy and conduct detailed stakeholder analysis

By connecting strategy to execution and bridging competing imperatives, we help clients think boldly and act pragmatically through our business consulting services.

Learn how we combine decades of consulting experience and a deep understanding of our clients’ operations with best practices, tools, and frameworks to accelerate results.

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