Data analytics

Turning data into diamonds

Big data is becoming a reality for many businesses and government organizations. Those that are successful in leveraging data through analytics are outperforming their peers. Getting more value from data is a key priority, both to gain insights about customers, citizens, employees and operations, and to reduce the costs and complexity of managing ever-growing volumes of data. 

What if your organization could…

  • Improve the customer experience through personalized services and offerings, combining all customer data with real-time social interaction information, to create an actionable understanding of customer attitudes and behaviors.
  • Improve patient care and support a sustainable healthcare system by optimizing treatments leveraging the results of advanced analytics on medical data, optimized data sharing and fraud detection.
  • Improve citizen safety and security through real-time analytics and citizen interaction in preventing incidents and optimizing timely and adequate response of emergency and security services.
  • Harvest and use the data created through connected devices to improve business performance and to create innovative consumer services.

CGI can help with expertise, solutions and partnerships using our Data2Diamonds approach to simplifying data management and realizing value from analytics. This framework provides a blueprint for success in putting information to work. Our objectives are to:

  • Shorten the “distance” between data assets and the people who need them
  • Discover insights into important behaviors of people and machines
  • Help clients use those insights to improve results

With more than 5,500 professionals devoted to business intelligence and information management, CGI offers the full range of business intelligence services for our clients, including consulting, integration of all major vendor applications, managed services and cloud-based, hosted systems. Read more about our focused offerings for predictive analyticscustomer intelligence, next generation information warehouse and Data2Diamonds approach.

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