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While the majority of trends influencing the evolution of digital twins relate to technology, social and political factors such as urbanization and the need for 24x7 safety and security also are key drivers.

At CGI, we help clients unlock the full potential of digital twins by staying ROI focused, finding the right use case, proving its value by quickly turning it into a solution, and scaling it, too. We also develop comprehensive digital twin architectures, including data, 3D, 4D and 5D models, 5G connectivity, visualization and control layers.

We integrate digital twins with the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, video analytics and augmented realty. CGI’s digital triplet approach extends the digital twin model by applying AI-driven analysis to increase the usability and interpretability of the insights. Our solutions help overcome human limitations in achieving optimal asset use and maintenance, and help employees, assets, and bottom lines benefit from optimizing complex assets, environments, processes, and decisions in real time.

Creating a digital twin for a future smart city using augmented reality and precision data

To enable the world’s largest municipal relocation, the Swedish city of Kiruna needed an innovative approach. City managers established the Kiruna Sustainability Center (KSC) to develop and test new ideas for sustainable solutions.

CGI approached the KSC with a concept for using augmented reality (AR) to digitally map, document and interact with underground infrastructure (i.e., they created a digital twin). One key challenge was that AR technology had never been used outdoors before.

To test the idea, CGI invested in a proof of concept named “Hidden City” as part of a CGI program that turns innovative ideas into real-world, practical and outcome-driven solutions. With the city on board, CGI technical experts envisioned a means to virtually view and interact with the Hidden City.

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How we support a client’s digital twin journey

  • Digital twin insight - Understand digital twin technology and its use cases and develop excitement to continue to a kick-start engagement
  • Digital twin twin kick-start - Explore, identify and prioritize digital twin use cases and value drivers; conceive a digital twin concept and a high-level design
  • Digital twin architecture - Develop the detailed architecture and roadmap for a digital twin, including data, connectivity, integration, 3D models, visualization, control and security
  • Digital twin proof of value - Take the concept and high-level design to build a minimally viable digital twin and proof its value using agile design/build sprints
  • Digital twin build - Using agile and DevOps methods, build out and iterate toward a fully production-ready scalable digital twin with all its elements

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