Transforming the payments industry for four decades

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A modern payments platform

CGI All Payments features a technology stack that assembles and integrates industry-leading products that fully complement our payments hub. With our deep expertise and industry knowledge embedded in the platform, CGI All Payments helps clients achieve their goals for payments today, and into the future, enabling the introduction of innovative services, faster processing, lower costs and greater transparency.

CGI All Payments’ modular architecture, based on the ISO 20022 standard, means you can easily add or replace payment functionality and clearing networks as required. Whatever payment type you take, you’ll benefit from our workflow pattern matching and auto repair, improving your straight-through processing (STP) rates.

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Transforming the payments sector for over 40 years

CGI may not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of payments. Yet, we’ve played a leading role in payments for four decades. Your organization and its banking partners likely rely on our software and experience every single day without even realizing it.

CGI, for example:

  • Designed SWIFT, the first cross-border payments network

  • Designed CLS, which settles more than 50% of all FX transactions globally

  • Delivers software that has powered more than one-third of all North American wire payments since 1984

We know payments. With our groundbreaking solutions and deep expertise, we’re ready to help you evolve your payments business for future success. Learn more about how we’re helping to drive Swift, NACHA, Fedwireand SEPA instant payments.

CGI All Payments is a global network hub with financial messaging. It is cloud-proven, has fastertime-to-market, rapid ROI, lower TCO and is future proof.

Webinar: Architecting cloud solutions for an intuitive payments experience


The Changing Face of Payments Systems & The Future of Cloud-Based Deployment

Learn how the approach of cloud based payments is impacting banks globally in this interview hosted by CGI & Finextra.

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A flexible cloud proven payments solution

With the option to run an on-premise, SaaS or cloud platform, clients can choose the delivery option that best meets their needs for capacity today, but is scalable for tomorrow. CGI All Payments’ modular approach provides flexibility and choice; clients can select functionality required now and as their needs evolve.

As an independent provider, CGI offers a solution that is fully deployable on or across multiple ecosystems (including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, as well as others) or on a private cloud. We’ll take you to the cloud seamlessly, migrating you safely, securely and without disruption.


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CGI All Payments provides improved straight-through processing and full payment service capability


All payments

Relationships with our top 10 banking clients globally span an average of 27 years

The advantages of CGI All Payments

Banking is facing unprecedented change. However, where there is change, there is always opportunity. Opportunity to improve—to do things better—and, of course, by doing things better, you can be more competitive. Our deep expertise and proven solutions help banks around the world to evolve their business and compete more effectively over the long term.

We can implement CGI All Payments in just a few months and deliver on-demand performance you can count on. ISO 20022-native and API-enabled, CGI All Payments is designed to meet your needs now and into the future, enabling you to adjust processing power to scale up instantly, while delivering back-office efficiencies and enhancing the front-end experience for your customers.


Our people and processes

Scope of our offering

The breadth of our offering, including our consulting services and solutions, enables us to support clients from start to finish—from strategy  definition, to solution design and implementation, to systems integration and operational support.

Client satisfaction

We have an overall client satisfaction rating of 9.2 out of 10 based on in-person client assessments.

Respect of deadlines and budgets

Ninety-five percent of our projects are completed on time and within budget.

Our conceptual approach

Accelerated customization

Front-end and back-office APIs facilitate personalization and accelerate the opportunities of open banking.

Designed for the cloud

Our solution is designed for the cloud and integrates with any type of cloud.

Sustainability insurance

Containerization, resource and health monitoring capabilities and real-time scalability are built into the solution.

Flexible deployment

Flexible deployment strategies are offered to financial institutions of all sizes, regardless of their organizational complexity.

Equipped users

Dynamic role-based dashboards and effective investigation features equip existing staff to respond to growing volumes.

Advanced analysis

Auto-learning and data analysis features are integrated into the solution.

Performance and flexibility

Enterprise payment platform

Our enterprise payment platform features standard options for integrating existing payment systems.

Robust payment engines

We offer payment engines that deliver high-value, low-value and real-time rails across the globe.

Modern management frameworks

Customizable and reusable workflow management frameworks accelerate the delivery of new products.

Linear extensibility

The memory processing of our solution supports linear extensibility.

Around-the-clock availability

We deliver 24/7/365 payments processing, with 99.999% uptime achievable for most deployments.

High efficiency

Ninety-five percent straight-through processing rates are achievable, with continuous improvement enabled through the use of AI.



global FX settlement volume processed by CGI



SWIFT payment transactions settled by CGI



U.S. wire-based transaction volume handled by CGI


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