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Neil Clarke discusses the transformative benefits of cloud-based payments outsourcing for banks with Microsoft at EBAday 2024.

Ainsley Ward sheds light on European Parliament's SEPA Instant Mandate and the 9th of January 2025 deadline for Eurozone banks.

CGI announced the availability of CGI All Payments, a flexible cloud-ready enterprise payments solution, in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

CGI today announced that the company has been selected to deploy CGI All Payments—a modular cloud-proven enterprise payments platform—for Scotiabank.

In our “All Things Payments” fireside chats, Celent Senior Analyst Gareth Lodge takes a deep dive into pressing payments topics with various CGI All Payments clients.

Discover how aligning your ESG goals with your payments modernization strategy can help your bank meet market demands, increase operational efficiency and deliver sustainable finance to its clients.

CGI’s Changing Face of Payments is a roundtable series that brings together CGI payment experts from around the world to discuss various topics related to payments modernization. In this first roundtable interview, Karen Brown (U.S.) moderates a panel of subject...