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Deliver a faster, more efficient, and personalized lending experience while optimizing your lending operations and reducing your lending risks through CGI Credit Studio’s origination solutions.

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Enable your customers to gain more control over their credit health while transforming your credit services and operations through CGI Credit Studio’s credit servicing solutions.

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From pre-collection to debt recovery, CGI Credit Studio delivers an event-driven collections solution that provides greater operational autonomy and more meaningful customer interactions across the default management life cycle.

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Unlock the value of data and processes through artificial intelligence

CGI Credit Studio, together with CGI PulseAI, improves decision-making by breaking down complex processes into their key decision points and applying insights generated by artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive automation, increasing the probability of successful credit management outcomes.

CGI Credit Studio and CGI PulseAI can help you to:

  • Capture the value of unstructured data
  • Maximize operational efficiency through high-performance intelligent process automation
  • Deliver insights to drive change quickly with real-time interaction
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Eases the burden of legacy systems by simplifying and modernizing infrastructure to drive digitization and effortlessly merge batch and real-time components with adjacent systems for seamless integration.
Addresses mounting regulatory changes by delivering a dynamic and adaptive approach to compliance through real-time insights and continuous improvement.

Meets customer expectations through improved decision-making and event-driven journey orchestration to deliver a hyper-personalized customer experience through customer-preferred channels.
Reduces operational costs by automating operational processes to reduce manual workload, supporting self-service everything, and providing virtual agents to promote an omni-channel environment

CGI Credit Studio enables you to accelerate time-to-value in just two to three months with fast, low-cost, low-risk deployments. CGI’s phased implementation methodology aims to simplify deployments, minimize costs and risks, and maximize operational benefits quickly.

Business assessment

As part of the pre-sales process, we work closely with our clients to understand their current capabilities. We’re able quickly to assess the potential benefits of CGI Credit Studio to your organization.

Transformation studio

CGI partners with clients to provide innovation workshops that educate the client on CGI Credit Studio and document business and IT objectives, high-level strategy, and business value. Outcomes of these workshops include an implementation roadmap and CGI SaaS deployment plan aligned to objectives.

Incremental implementation

Our experienced experts guide clients through each stage, ensuring rigorous project and quality management. The “function by function” deployment approach empowers customers to deliver quicker to market and realize business value in just two to three months.

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