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Drive forward sustainability with innovation and data

Today’s leaders understand that becoming a sustainable organization is not only the right thing to do; it’s the smartest way to achieve business outcomes. To be successful, organizations must embed sustainability into their DNA to manage, measure and track the outcomes of their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives—and, more importantly, to ensure a safe and resilient future for all.

As clients accelerate their holistic digital transformation journeys, integrating sustainability actions throughout their value chains has become a top priority. Together with our partners, we help clients activate and advance their sustainability goals through innovation, ecosystem collaboration, enabling technologies and relevant data—helping them move from aspiration to action.

2022 ESG Report

Building a more sustainable and inclusive world

We recognize the important role we play in operating as a responsible and ethical company on behalf of our clients, employees and shareholders. Our 2022 ESG report reflects a year of accelerated progress on our commitments. It also describes ways we help clients embed sustainability in everything they do, and use the power of data to advance their climate goals and deliver value to their stakeholders.

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Building trust through ESG accountability and transparency

Data is a key enabler in measuring sustainability-related factors, from energy and resource use to greenhouse gas emissions, to water and waste usage, to supply chain performance. Through the powerful combination of industry and technology knowledge, we help clients track sustainability actions across their value chains, including ecosystem partners and suppliers.

Sustainability consulting services

Wherever you are on your sustainability journey, our advisory services are adapted to the uniqueness of your organization to stimulate innovation within your business and operating models.

Assessing your sustainability maturity

Becoming a sustainable business requires embedding sustainability throughout the business. To provide an actionable assessment of your sustainability maturity, we first conduct a fit-gap analysis of your current and to-be desired state. Then we examine 18 factors—from regulation and risks to technology readiness and ROI requirements—to provide a readiness report on how to reach your specific goals.

Building your sustainability roadmap

Using a robust framework and methodology, our sustainability and industry experts help map out your complete sustainability journey. The result is a comprehensive roadmap for embedding sustainability across your culture, strategy, planning and operational DNA.

Implementing sustainability measurement and performance

Data is the key enabler for measuring sustainability-related factors, from energy and resource use to supply chain performance. Drawing upon our deep expertise in helping clients embrace data-driven decision-making, we help make data the foundation for informed and innovative decisions. This also results in more transparent, traceable and accurate data to report your sustainability performance.

Developing your net-zero and ESG strategy

With more than 2,000 ESG indicators and 1,000 ESG reporting solutions on the market and counting, we understand that determining the most fit-for-purpose and effective strategy for activating your net-zero pledges is complex. Once we help establish your emissions baseline, we collaborate with the business and technology sides of your business to determine the practices and solutions required to achieve your net-zero goals.

Creating a sustainability leadership culture

Becoming a sustainable business requires leading with a sustainability mindset to implement change across the enterprise and value chain. Introducing and modifying governance, business and operating models, products and services, processes, and information systems requires strong and aligned leadership. Our human-centered design and change management experts help your leadership team gain enterprise buy-in and create adaptive organizations to chart the path toward positive change.

Advancing sustainable IT

Use of sustainable IT, also called green technology, minimizes the impact on climate and biodiversity of IT manufacturing, use, management and disposal by reducing carbon emissions and the consumption of energy, water and raw materials. Central to our sustainable IT offerings are research and innovation development along with practical methods that combine global principles, tools, and services to reduce technological impacts. Our comprehensive capabilities include environmental impact accounting, supply chain due diligence and cloud optimization, as well as tools for risk scenario analysis and data center optimization.

Sustainability business solutions

From solutions that manage renewable energy assets to Earth observation data that helps detect our changing environment, CGI offers built-for-purpose solutions tailored to clients’ industry priorities.  

Increasing efficiency in using Earth observation and geospatial data

CGI GeoData360 enables production workflows that consume Earth observation and geospatial data to produce valuable business information and run cost efficiently at scale.

Promoting more sustainable travel decisions

Our SmartTravel solution combines digital technologies such as mobility, gamification, big data analytics and travel mode detection to influence and reward driver behavior, include more sustainable choices.

Assessing risks and damage from natural events

CGI EnvironmentMonitor360 uses space data to help assess risks and damage from natural events such as hurricanes, floods and storms.

Managing food waste to reduce CO2

CGI Waste Manager, CGI Aromi’s new food waste management module, collects food waste data in real-time, enabling clients to better track and manage accumulated waste. This drives efficiencies, saves cost and reduces CO2 emissions.

Supporting hydrogen ecosystems

A data exchange platform built to support effective collaboration within hydrogen ecosystems, CGI AgileDX-Hydrogen provides a centralized view of data and processes, promotes full transparency and auditability, and enables seamless internal and external communication.

Enabling smart energy grids

To limit power grid imbalances, we developed a Central Energy Management System (CEMS) for smart grids. Residents can use the information provided by CEMS to make better choices with regard to their energy consumption.

Improving renewable energy asset management

Our Renewables Management System (RMS) enables the proactive and efficient management of renewable assets by providing greater insight into operations and analyzing key performance indicators and their evolution.

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Enabling healthier cities with Earth observation solutions

Extreme temperatures and urbanization are both set to dramatically increase in cities around the world. The resulting loss of green and blue areas, heat stress and air pollution are all key areas affecting citizens’ quality of life and neighborhood-specific living conditions.

Using Earth observation (EO) data, we help clients identify green spaces, urban heat islands and living conditions at the neighborhood level. Our novel Healthy Urban Habitat (HUH) index further analyzes and classifies these living conditions based on urban green and blue availability, urban heat stress and air pollution to assist with greening actions.

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Our climate commitment

At CGI, our environment, social and governance (ESG) strategy is at the heart of the CGI culture. We are focused on creating a more sustainable world through our operating practices, client collaborations, and supply chain management. In recognition of our efforts, CGI was awarded the platinum rating by EcoVadis, placing us in the top 1% of companies for sustainable business practices.

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