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Drive forward sustainability with innovation and data

Today’s leaders understand that becoming a sustainable organization is not only the right thing to do; it’s the smartest way to achieve business outcomes. To be successful, organizations must embed sustainability into their DNA to manage, measure and track the outcomes of their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives—and, more importantly, to ensure a safe and resilient future for all.

As clients accelerate their holistic digital transformation journeys, integrating sustainability actions throughout their value chains has become a top priority. Together with our partners, we help clients activate and advance their sustainability goals through innovation, ecosystem collaboration, enabling technologies and relevant data—helping them move from aspiration to action.

2023 ESG Report

Building a more sustainable and inclusive world

Our environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitment is rooted through our core Values, through projects delivered in collaboration with clients, and through operating practices, supply chain management, and community services projects.

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Data is a key enabler in measuring sustainability-related factors, from energy and resource use to greenhouse gas emissions, to water and waste usage, to supply chain performance. Through the powerful combination of industry and technology knowledge, we help clients track sustainability actions across their value chains, including ecosystem partners and suppliers.

Sustainability and ESG advisory services

From developing strategies to unlocking data for better decisions to accelerating innovation, our proven Sustainability & ESG Advisory services enable clients to address various challenges across their organization’s value chain. These services include:

  • Sustainability Advisory
  • ESG Data Management Sourcing & Exchange
  • Circular Business Design
  • Sustainable IT
  • Energy Transition


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Sustainability business solutions

We offer built-for-purpose solutions tailored to clients’ industry priorities, ranging from solutions that manage renewable energy assets to Earth observation data that helps detect our changing environment.  

Supporting the energy transition with intelligent, optimized grid management

Our CGI OpenGrid DERMS solution helps organizations strategically manage and control various distributed energy resources (DER) to achieve operational and financial benefits and meet their net-zero targets.

Automating hazard communication and chemical management 

CGI ProSteward360 drives sustainable practices by enabling organizations to manage a wide range of chemical, regulatory, toxicology, product, facility, and location data.

Integrating digital ecosystems to support ESG and the energy transition

Our CGI AgileDX data exchange platform has been implemented to solve complex data challenges for sustainability, hydrogen ecosystems and the energy transition. It provides a centralized view of data and processes, promotes full transparency and auditability, and enables seamless internal and external communication. 

Assessing risks and damage from natural events

CGI EnvironmentMonitor360 uses space data to help assess risks and damage from natural events such as hurricanes, floods and storms.

Managing food waste to reduce CO2

CGI Waste Manager, CGI Aromi’s new food waste management module, collects food waste data in real-time, enabling clients to better track and manage accumulated waste. This drives efficiencies, saves cost and reduces CO2 emissions.

Reducing carbon footprints using digital twin technology

CGI DataTwin360 streams real-time data, provides carbon accounting, and delivers insights for organizations to act on through a bespoke virtualized model of their hosting platforms, known as a digital twin.

Improving renewable energy asset management

Our Renewables Management System (RMS) enables the proactive and efficient management of renewable assets by providing greater insight into operations and analyzing key performance indicators and their evolution.

View of Earth and stars from space

Space for sustainability

Space data and technology are increasingly valuable resources for monitoring, understanding and preempting the impacts of climate change. Using satellite-based sensing technologies and imaging devices that continuously orbit our planet, Earth observation (EO) missions gather information about Earth’s physical, chemical and biological systems. 

This data informs climate knowledge, science, monitoring and early warning systems to guide policy change and practical action. Using EO data, we can protect valuable carbon capturing seagrass and great whales, optimize solar-energy generation, and effectively manage forests to support biodiversity and sustainable growth. 

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Our climate commitment

At CGI, our environment, social and governance (ESG) strategy is at the heart of the CGI culture. We are focused on creating a more sustainable world through our operating practices, client collaborations, and supply chain management. In recognition of our efforts, CGI was awarded the platinum rating by EcoVadis, placing us in the top 1% of companies for sustainable business practices.

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