Industry leaders are under increasing pressure to meet evolving sustainability and environmental, social and governance (ESG) mandates. They must also address growing stakeholder demands and balance countless other factors that are disrupting the free market—many of which are nearly impossible to predict and control.

Sustainability will continue to drive major changes in the way businesses operate. In our 2023 Voice of Our Clients (VOC) research, increasing numbers of executives view sustainability as highly core to creating future value (55% in 2023, up from 48% in 2022).

Sustainability and financial growth are not mutually exclusive

Most business leaders recognize that becoming sustainable is the rational thing to do, but they struggle to find a practical approach to creating long-term stakeholder value through sustainability and demonstrating a quick return on investment.

CGI’s Sustainability & ESG Advisory helps executives think boldly and act pragmatically as they work to solve sustainability and ESG challenges. We help them identify relevant patterns and use systems thinking to understand critical interdependencies. Our proven design, engineering and operating experience for critical enterprise solutions, along with a deep understanding of industries, ecosystems, supply chains and global interconnectedness help map the way forward with confidence, embedding sustainability into clients’ operations and realizing long-term business value.

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Practical approach to realizing long-term value through sustainability

From developing strategies to unlocking data for better decisions to accelerating innovation, our proven Sustainability & ESG Advisory services enable clients to address various challenges across their organization’s value chain.

Unlike other business consultants focused primarily on ESG data collection and reporting, we help you identify and pursue new opportunities that come from better visibility and operation of your value chain. We also help you increase efficiency and connectivity within your business and its broader ecosystem, underpinned by a practical and adaptable strategy to drive financial growth and improve resilience.

Sustainability Advisory

We guide you through the complexity of regulatory requirements, selection of the right tools, and maturity and readiness assessments to help you develop the best way forward in your strategy roadmap.

  • Strategy roadmap
  • Maturity assessment
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Establishing baselines
  • Managing accountability/ exposures/risks, governance/social advisory
  • Double materiality assessment
ESG Data Management Sourcing & Exchange

The quality of data matters. We help you collect and govern relevant data that provide insights for automation, sourcing, gap analysis and advisory services.

  • Solution, business and stakeholder architecture for circular transition
  • Resource efficiency
  • Value chain activity inventory
  • Innovation and business development
  • Scope 4
Circular Business Design

We help enhance innovation and business development, define the business roadmap and stakeholder architecture for the circular transition (Scope 4) and design revenue streams.

  • Governance
  • Integration
  • Automation
  • Sourcing
  • Gap analysis
  • Advisory
  • Management
  • Exchange
  • Analytics for Scopes 1, 2, 3 & 4
Sustainable IT

We have developed methods by combining global principles, tools, and services to reduce growing technological impacts.

  • Strategy roadmap
  • Principles, tools and services to reduce technological impacts
  • Research and innovation development
  • Green technology advisory
  • Green coding advisory
  • Eco-conception methodology
Energy Transition

As the need to accelerate the energy transition grows, we provide solutions and services to enable clean/renewable energy efficiency and on-and-off-grid solutions.

  • Solutions and services to enable energy efficiency
  • Clean/renewable energy transition solutions
  • On-and-off-grid solutions
  • Collaboration and data exchange governance
  • Renewable energy production efficiency and improvement
  • Life cycle analysis

Our offerings are supported by a robust six-part framework (regulations, risk, reputation, ROSI, readiness and results) and five guiding principles (visibility, built-in sustainability, understanding, collaboration and adaptability) to realize long-term financial benefits and balance pressures collectively.

We help clients evolve sustainability into “business as usual” in a way that enables profit and purposeful sustainability to co-exist.

What you can expect

  • Confident execution with a more natural evolution to sustainability as business as usual
  • A clear and integrated strategy that balances market pressures, stakeholder expectations and growth
  • Greater visibility along your value chain
  • Meaningful negative impact reductions at scale
  • Development of new possible revenue streams
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Improved risk management
  • More accurate, complete and timely data
  • Reduced requirements for human resources via less manual data entry
  • Better utilization of subject matter experts’ capacity

Cases in point

CGI business consultants with sustainability expertise collaborate with industry leaders to help overcome the challenges they face. Here are examples of proven use cases where CGI has helped clients embed sustainability into their operations to achieve long-term business value.

Estimating Scope 3 data results

Estimating Scope 3 results based on international methodology and principles by assessing and measuring the client’s current data status and creating a roadmap to improve Scope 3 (value chain) data and stakeholder engagement for each entity.

  • Relevance assessment
  • Scope 3 GHG data quality screening and inventory boundary setting
  • Scope 3 calculation and improvement roadmap
  • Extra-financial data identification and quality improvement
  • Change roadmap for each entity, including workshops to raise awareness and a toolkit to support employees
Creating circular technology architecture

Creating circular technology architecture by defining a data standard and implementing an IT solution architecture to share and access digital product passports.

  • Current technology assessment
  • Identification of drivers, imperatives and value expectations
  • Objective setting and gap analysis
  • Strategic alignment
  • Change management
  • Collaboration and data architecture
  • Ecosystem consortium
  • Circular business and process integration
  • Life cycle deployment
Enabling energy data exchange and ecosystems

Enabling energy data exchange and ecosystems by providing a centralized view of energy data and processes using our exchange platform (CGI AgileDX) built for safe and efficient collaboration.

  • Primary data merge
  • Energy market collaboration and integration
  • Data strategy and alignment
  • Master data management and security protocols
  • Deployment
  • Adjustments to market and regulations
  • Scale accessibility and efficiency of green energy


Learn how we address complex sustainability and ESG challenges with passion and insight, using patterns and systems thinking to find practical, workable answers that deliver real impact.

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By connecting strategy to execution and bridging competing imperatives, we help clients think boldly and act pragmatically through our business consulting services.
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