A solution that turns data into business value

A solution that turns data into business value

CGI AgileDX is a highly configurable and scalable cross-industry solution that allows you to easily integrate business data, business rules and process models for seamless data sharing without IT involvement. Its continuous integration and deployment model supports faster time-to-market to accelerate business value and help you retain a competitive edge.

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Integrating your digital ecosystem has never been easier

The pace of development and complexity within business ecosystems is accelerating. However, organizations often struggle to provide decision-makers with accurate and relevant data within such dynamic environments, losing valuable time in making business-critical decisions.

CGI AgileDX enables you to integrate your digital
ecosystem in three steps


Configure the solution 


Integrate your partners


Gain and share insights

"CGI demonstrates that they understand the challenges of digitizing an integrated hydrogen economy and has a platform that supports the information requirements of an integrated hydrogen market."

Patrick Cnubben
Program Manager, New Energy Coalition

Industry templates

Industry best practices in business data modeling are embedded in the platform, ensuring flexibility, efficiency and consistency across the entire project.

Shared ecosystem

CGI AgileDX is integrated by design, enabling you to add new features through sprints. It also includes automated continuation triggers and rule-based data distribution and sharing capabilities.

Operational readiness

CGI AgileDX comes with in-built configuration, validation rules, participant management, users, thresholds, schedules, parameters, etc., so that process models can be adapted without IT involvement. It also includes management interfaces for monitoring IT and business process models.

Security by design

Comprehensive identity and access management features allow you to control and manage who can access what data easily. The platform’s multi-tenancy feature supports complex market designs, and embedded security by design supports GDPR compliance.

Lower costs

The platform can be easily integrated and implemented in your existing IT landscape, decreasing the cost of adaptation. The solution also leverages the advantages of the cloud, further reducing infrastructure costs.

Life cycle management

CGI AgileDX offers integrated automated testing at a system and market process level that can be reused and applied in implementation projects. This allows changes to be tested and implemented quickly. The platform can be deployed on-premise, in a secure cloud, multi-cloud or hybrid environment.


Public SaaS

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CGI AgileDX offers extensive computing resources like servers and storage over the Internet. You can access data from any device with just an Internet connection and web browser. We host and maintain the solution right from the servers and databases to upgrades, enabling you to benefit from lower costs and higher flexibility.


Private SaaS

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CGI AgileDX provides a dedicated private cloud for any underlying infrastructure, including a public cloud. The solution can be customized to meet your organization's unique business and security needs. With more visibility and control into the infrastructure, you can operate compliance-sensitive IT workloads securely with efficiency, flexibility and resilience.


Enterprise solution

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CGI AgileDX will be designed as an enterprise solution to integrate your entire organization through the exchange of information from various business process areas and related databases. We develop the solution in close collaboration with your teams to ensure the applications are aligned with the needs of your internal stakeholders and customers. The collaborative environment helps us anticipate your customers' future needs and adopt technological advancements to deliver greater business value and customer satisfaction.