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Supporting an integrated hydrogen economy

Download the CGI AgileDX-Hydrogen factsheet

A key enabler of a low-carbon economy

Achieving carbon neutrality is one of the most urgent challenges facing our society. Energy ecosystems supported by governments, investors and financiers are exploring new technologies, concepts and energy sources that can support a sustainable energy future. Clean and versatile, hydrogen is poised to be a key enabler for achieving CO2 reduction targets.


Download the CGI AgileDX-Hydrogen factsheet 

Advancing hydrogen ecosystems

Across the world, pilot projects are underway to accelerate the transition to a hydrogen-driven economy. For the key stakeholders of these projects — particularly the funding entities — it is vital to monitor the progress of these projects.

CGI AgileDX-Hydrogen is a data exchange platform that brings all relevant stakeholders together onto one platform to monitor, collaborate and communicate on these projects. The platform provides invaluable data insights that can support new funding, launch new initiatives and help introduce progressive legislation.

Supporting an integrated market

CGI AgileDX-Hydrogen builds a virtual hydrogen ecosystem so all market participants can access relevant data through easily customized dashboards. It is a configurable, modular, integrated and scalable platform that enables seamless data exchange and communication between all market parties. It can scale in size and functionality to keep pace with the development of the ecosystem.

CGI AgileDX-Hydrogen supports multiple communication channels and offers access control, single sign-on and audit logging functionalities with embedded security.

In addition, the platform supports the management of the entire ecosystem’s business data, process models and business rules, including:

  • Structural data like asset groups, their relations, contracts as well as storage and production capacity

  • Time series data related to generation, storage, transportation, and consumed volumes

All these processes and their rules are integrated and are configurable.

Key benefits

  • Industry templates and highly configurable models reduce implementation costs

  • Highly adaptable data model supports current and future market processes

  • Modular solution enables quick time to market

  • Cloud-ready solution lowers infrastructure costs and IT and maintenance costs

CGI AgileDX-Hydrogen - data exchange platform for hydrogen ecosystem market parties to take data-driven insight led decisions

Cloud-based, configurable and transparent

The platform supports the three key considerations to advance hydrogen ecosystems (see diagram above) and help policymakers and businesses make insight-led decisions.

CGI AgileDX-Hydrogen can be implemented in the cloud or on-premises. Its low-code approach lets users configure customizations and integrate them easily into the existing infrastructure via REST and SOAP APIs.

Using agile methods to accelerate value

We take an agile approach to implementation so users can quickly gain insights and capture value. We are a SAFe Gold Partner and the first SAFe global transformation partner. We also use other leading scaled agile frameworks, such as Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) and Disciplined Agile (DA) to drive enterprise-wide value.

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“CGI demonstrates that they understand the challenges of digitizing an integrated hydrogen economy and has a platform that supports the information requirements of an integrated hydrogen market.”

Patrick Cnubben, Program Manager, New Energy Coalition