Our solutions and services are based on decades of experience in and beyond the energy and utilities sectors, including manufacturing, retail, transportation, space and open financial trading. Our solutions encompass capabilities for managing smart grids, smart metering, renewable energy asset management, sustainable transport and supply chains. We offer a global network of experts and partners, digital business accelerators for key industry functions, and a disciplined, technology-neutral approach to help you achieve a leadership position in the new hydrogen economy.

Enabling an integrated hydrogen economy

Across the world, ecosystem-driven pilot projects are underway to accelerate the transition to a hydrogen-driven economy. CGI AgileDX-Hydrogen is a data exchange platform built to support effective collaboration within hydrogen ecosystems. It brings all relevant stakeholders together onto one platform to monitor, collaborate and communicate on these projects. The platform's valuable data insights can support new funding for ongoing projects, launch new initiatives, and help introduce progressive legislation.

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CGI AgileDX-Hydrogen


CGI Agile DX - Hydrogen

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