As a business development professional, Carlos Navares identifies and pursues opportunities in the world of IoT and Real Time Systems (SCADA) within sectors related to sustainability: water, waste and energy. Specifically, he focuses on the energy and utilities sector.

Carlos has several decades of experience in the areas of technology, technology consulting and business consulting, working for various companies within the sector. In 2007, he launched the practice of SCADA. He initially focused on the renewables world, basing strategy on standardization and using standard platforms to build vertical solutions across different projects.

This strategy has helped build a strong presence in the market and an important portfolio of references, which manage more than 12GW through different solutions, including Local Control Systems, Corporate Control Centers and Delegated Offices.

In 2021, Carlos applied the same strategy to the area of green hydrogen production control systems. Since then, he has helped deliver important projects for the control of green hydrogen plants and the Production Management Center.

These solutions are being integrated into CGI offerings, providing an end-to-end value-add solutions portfolio for the energy and utility sectors.

Carlos has a degree in Physics (Computer Sciences) from the Complutense University of Madrid and has delivered numerous projects across his subsequent roles and postgraduate studies.