As an extension of your organization, we combine our end-to-end capabilities with your expertise and assets to accelerate your digital journey. Our business transformation model focuses on continuous change, optimized operations and tangible outcomes to help you build your future, execute with agility and speed, and operate with quality and efficiency. We can partner with you at any stage of the journey.

We help clients:

End-to-end services

This model brings you:

  • Industry experience with actionable insights, co-creation approach and synergistic business connections

  • Program and project management, technical expertise, tooling, CGI's IP-based solutions and extensive partner ecosystem

  • Operational excellence with discipline, cost savings, and continuous improvement, aligned with the CGI Management Foundation

Build your future

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To your organization's expertise, we add our industry experience, best practices and frameworks to help you define your business ambitions and develop a target operating model and strategic roadmap.

Our consultants have deep knowledge and experience in your industries, the relationships of those industries with other industries, and your ecosystems.

Our thought leaders and practitioners bring insights from industry engagements and the CGI Voice of Our Clients program to help you envision your future, and use our rich industry blueprints to help evolve your vision.

We offer our own intellectual property-based solutions and accelerator platforms, as well as solutions from our extensive vendor-neutral partner ecosystem.


Execute with agility and speed

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Through our technical expertise, we help you build your business and technical capabilities and implement the most effective solutions for your needs.

We bring the discipline of designing and delivering highly complex mission-critical systems and transformations to everything we do, including architecture.

We help you use the most appropriate methods and standards, e.g., design thinking, lean, domain-driven design, agile, DevSecOps and change leadership.

We deliver repeatable solutions that support multi-cloud management, DevOps, automation, quality assurance, workforce management, knowledge acquisition and records management, among others.


Operate with quality and efficiency

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Through our operational excellence practices, we manage your operations in a way that drives sustained cost efficiency and agility, enabling you to fund your broader transformation program.

Our client-proximity model organizes our operations to be close to our clients and responsive to their specific business needs. At the same time, we offer a complete global delivery capability to ensure the availability of the right skills, at the right location, and the right price.

We follow the principle of “what gets measured and made visible gets done.” Our measures are aligned with our outcome-based delivery approach.

CGI’s Management Foundation enables our teams around the world to act effectively, efficiently and consistently. It incorporates proven best practices and frameworks to ensure high-quality and secure services that are adapted to your needs.

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The trends shaping our future: A prelude to strategic planning

Read the white paper

The trends shaping our future: A prelude to strategic planning

At CGI, we believe reflection on macro trends impacting organizations is essential. This paper shares how macro trends will transform and accelerate change within our business environments. Authored by CGI President & CEO George Schindler and Co-Chair of the Board and Executive Vice President Julie Godin, the paper provides context into why holistic digital transformation is required to become digital leaders. We hope this summary helps inform the planning of your own organizations’ priorities and directions.

Read the paper