As Co-Chair of the CGI Board of Directors, Ms. Godin collaborates with the Board to set the strategic direction of the company, including overseeing the development and execution of its rolling three-year strategic plan, which is updated annually. As part of this, she and the Board focus on achieving results for and maintaining equilibrium among CGI’s three stakeholders—clients, CGI Partners and shareholders—to ensure each stakeholders’ long-term success.

As Executive Vice-President of Strategic Planning and Corporate Development, Ms. Godin oversees the ongoing development of the CGI Management Foundation, which includes the key elements and best practices that define and guide the company’s actions for the benefit of all three stakeholders. She also leads the strategic planning, marketing & communications, human resources, and mergers & acquisitions functions. In this role, she directs the company’s continuous improvement through structured stakeholder insights and metrics, and drives forward the successful execution of the Build and Buy Strategy, equipping leaders to bring forward CGI’s end-to-end services and merging with firms that strengthen our footprint and capabilities.

A recognized leader in developing and executing the policies and approaches that contribute to CGI’s strong culture and successful long-term growth, Ms. Godin, throughout her CGI career, has led several additional functions across the company, including global business & strategic IT consulting, corporate performance, information technology, global business services and global security.

Earning a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from the University of Sherbrooke, Ms. Godin began her career in the field of corporate health. She founded Oxygen, a company that manages comprehensive health and well-being programs in the workplace. As CEO, she drove the firm’s strategic planning and growth, overseeing all operations and working closely with major clients. Oxygen merged its activities with those of CGI to offer CGI members a complete range of health and well-being services.

From 2017 to 2021, Ms. Godin was a member of the Board of Directors of CN, a transportation leader and the only transcontinental railroad in North America. In 2000, she co-founded the Godin Family Foundation, a non-profit organization that strives to reduce poverty, promote education and improve the health of children and teens in disadvantaged areas.