Management team

Meet the members of CGI's management

This page includes the biographies of CGI's executive officers and senior leaders.

Serge Godin
Founder and Executive Chairman of the Board

George D. Schindler
President and Chief Executive Officer

Jean-Michel Baticle
President, France, Luxembourg and Morocco operations

Mark Boyajian
President, Canada operations
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Dave Henderson
President, United States operations
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Colin Holgate
President, Asia Pacific operations

Douglas McCuaig
President, Eastern, Central and Southern Europe operations

Heikki Nikku
President, Nordic operations

Steve Thorn
President, United Kingdom operations

François Boulanger
Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer

Guy Vigeant
Senior Vice-President, Strategic Corporate Development

Benoit Dubé
Executive Vice-President, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary

Arnaud David
Vice-President, Chief Data Protection Officer

Julie Godin
Vice-Chair of the Board and Executive Vice-President, Chief Planning and Administration Officer

Stuart Forman
Senior Vice-President and Global Chief Information Officer

Bernard Labelle
Senior Vice-President, Global Human Resources

Luc Pinard
Executive Vice-President, Corporate Performance

Stanley L. Sims
Vice-President and Chief Security Officer

Lorne Gorber
Executive Vice-President, Global Communications and Investor Relations

Tim Gregory
Executive Vice-President, Business Engineering, Marketing and IP Strategy