Managed IT services that go beyond outsourcing

While early outsourcing goals focused on lowering costs, executives today seek a trusted partner to also help increase business agility—a competitive differentiator in a digital world.

At CGI, we refer to outsourcing as managed services because we work as an extension of your organization to manage an increasingly complex environment of technology, processes, systems and software.

Managed IT services are about delivering value and are key to building the robust IT supply chain required to increase agility, scalability and resilience. These are prerequisites to enhance the user experience, optimize operations, reduce costs, and embed security and data privacy. In our managed services partnerships, we also help connect front- and back-end systems and processes to speed innovative products and services to market, across all touchpoints.

Entrusted to deliver outcomes

Clients trust us as a capable and accountable partner. We assume service risks while adjusting to your evolving priorities and continually find ways to improve productivity. We adapt our best-in-class methodologies, tools and processes to your specific environment to meet performance commitments and cost controls.

The benefits of our outcome-based approach include delivery of pre-defined results, predictable pricing, significant short-term and long-term cost savings, enhanced supplier commitment, increased innovation and operational excellence, higher quality, faster time-to-market, and reduced risks.

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Fennia Mutual Insurance

consultant on a tablet going over financial documents

 Fennia Mutual Insurance Company selects CGI for IT managed services to drive digitization and quality. 

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OP Financial Group

OP Financial Group

 CGI and OP Financial Group expand partnership to include digital services for insurance. 

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Providing accelerators to advance your digital journey:

CGI's Management Foundation

CGI’s Management Foundation encompasses the key elements that define and guide the management of our company. These controls focus on providing high-quality services that are truly adapted to your needs as a client.

IT governance model

Based on an optimal delineation of accountabilities, our IT governance model goes far beyond traditional management models and those that focus on cost provisioning and labor arbitrage. It is flexible, modular and cost-effective.

Innovation and continuous improvement

Our collaborative approach to innovation and continuous improvement focuses on achieving your business goals. We align people, processes, technology and security with your business strategy and enterprise architecture.

Transformational roadmap

We provide a comprehensive transformational roadmap for migrating your current IT state to a targeted future IT state, supported by our IT governance model and service metrics.

IT services metrics

Our obligation is to deliver results and provide continuous productivity improvement by measuring the performance, quality and efficiency of IT services linked to your business value to be achieved from IT.

Framework, processes and tools

CGI’s Client Partnership Management Framework includes proven processes and tools that deliver efficient, high-quality and secure IT services covering every aspect of our engagements.

Global delivery

CGI’s global network of delivery centers providing access to the right skills from the right location at the right time and for the right price.

Managing for excellence

Seeking the best equilibrium for your IT services, our Managing for Excellence process increases visibility and transparency, while reinforcing accountability and ownership of your IT services performance and results.