CGI’s managed IT services help clients boost efficiencies and achieve quality outcomes while benefiting from competitive pricing and services.



CGI’s Management Foundation encompasses the key elements that define and guide the management of our company and includes our enterprise policies, principles, processes, and frameworks. These controls provide high-quality services tailored to client needs. 

Within the Management Foundation, CGI’s Client Partnership Management Framework (CPMF) is built on our collective expertise and experience. It provides a comprehensive set of processes and principles for managing the entire engagement life cycle.

The CPMF delivers:

  • Consistent, on-time and within-budget project delivery 
  • End-to-end high-quality monitoring and service delivery
  • Visibility and transparency into client engagements 
  • Key performance indicators 
  • Global collaboration within CGI’s services teams 
  • Accelerated delivery through enhanced productivity 
  • Continuous efficiency gains 
  • Industry best standards and practices 
  • Access to CGI’s advanced tools and technologies 


The CPMF incorporates industry best standards and practices to support our full range of services. These standards include ITIL®, PMI®, PMBOK®, ISO-12207, ISO-9001, ISO 27002, IEEE-1074, SEI-CMMI and COBIT. 

Following are examples of the processes and methodologies we use in delivering our managed services: 

Two professionals looking at tablet screen
Client-business-centric IT governance model

Ensures alignment and clear delineation of responsibilities among the four IT stakeholders: Client Executives, Lines of Business, IT Strategic Function and IT Execution Function. Learn more about our IT governance model.

CGI Application Services Optimization Program (ASOP)

This CGI-developed, end-to-end application development and maintenance (ADM) model empowers high-performing teams to consistently deliver the best quality at the optimal cost/performance ratio. ASOP encompasses all our ADM methodologies. Learn more about ASOP.

Cloud modernization

Since the early days of cloud computing, we’ve provided clients with a standardized and scalable approach to cloud modernization. Our flexible cloud strategies help clients transform their infrastructure, platform, data, and application environments into a modern, adaptive technology foundation for their agile business. Learn more about cloud modernization.


We provide a holistic and balanced blueprint of processes and self-directed team integration and tooling automation to deliver end-to-end IT development, operations and quality services to improve IT performance and cost efficiency. Learn more about DevOps.

Security and data privacy

Integrated into our day-to-day operations and solutions, security and data privacy are part of everything we do. We have invested heavily in establishing our credentials, working closely with international associations and standard bodies. Our policies, procedures, and technical solutions are consistently applied across client services and organizational units to ensure we identify risks, build secure outcomes, and operate with confidence. Learn more about security engineering.


The CPMF also provides a range of integrated managed IT service tools using the latest technologies to enable our professionals to complete projects quickly and efficiently. This toolset includes:

Application maintenance and development

CGI ASOP-Workbench supports operations and project management, waterfall and agile development, DevOps, automation, and robotics.

Agile application lifecycle management

CGI AgileIQ Suite provides a tightly integrated set of tools that enable teams to define, build, test and deliver applications with unprecedented velocity and control, and uncompromised quality. It’s founded on agile project management, DevOps-based automation, and industry-leading processes (e.g., Scrum, CMMI, ITIL®) to enable continual improvement, collaboration, and frequent delivery of working software.

Cybersecurity and quality controls

CAST and SonarQube are third-party industry recognized solutions to improve application code quality and strengthen cybersecurity controls. 

Engagement governance

Our enterprise resource planning toolset manages employee timesheets, expenditures, third party contracts and invoicing.


Automation and robotics solutions

CGI ServiceInsight and CGI SiteReliability360 are intelligent automation solutions that enhance operational reliability, optimize costs, and improve efficiency. CGI ServiceInsight is a self-learning correlation engine that optimizes service delivery in real-time, improving system availability and performance. CGI SiteReliability360 is a hybrid IT management orchestrator, with deeply integrated AI and machine learning capabilities, that monitors and executes real-time events with automation.  

Knowledge and collaboration

Our information and collaboration platform facilitates knowledge sharing and distribution across our global operations.

Service management

We use BMC remedy, an ITIL® service management solution, to manage incidents, problems, configurations, changes, and versions.

Consultants discussing assessment results

Client satisfaction assessment

To drive continuous improvement and build client relationships, we continually measure our performance through our Client Satisfaction Assessment Program (CSAP). This includes regular face-to-face reviews together with the client to assess their satisfaction and identify any points requiring improvement. This rigorous process enables CGI to generate continuous improvements by applying immediate corrective measures as needs are identified.

ITIL® is a registered trademark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved. 

PMI and PMBOK are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.