Enabling the evolving energy value chain

We’re here to help you navigate the energy transition with actionable insights and proven solutions across the value chain. We are practitioners with a unique perspective from our global role in building, integrating and running core systems and data platforms. Our mindset is different: we design and build solutions with the knowledge and ability to run them. We have a deep understanding of the energy business and its operations, as well as the convergence of the two.

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End-to-end digital value chains are becoming essential

End-to-end digital value chain

Technology advances, regulation, electrification and distributed energy resources are changing the energy value chain at an accelerated pace. This includes convergence of hydrogen, oil, natural gas, electricity, renewables, low-carbon technology and storage into a common ecosystem. Regulations, standards and data accelerate the transition. 

30+ years
average relationship tenure with world’s largest energy and utilities companies
generators (wind, solar and hydro) monitored and controlled in 12 countries
energy data platforms in 10 countries developed and maintained, with never a single message lost

Europe - Central & Eastern
Europe - Northern
Europe - Southern
Europe - Western
North America

Data enablement and governance

Data enablement and governance

All elements of the energy transition increasingly depend on data. Developing new digital capabilities requires a detailed, accurate and integrated view of operations.

Environmental sustainability

green building concept representing sustainability

Data is a key enabler to trace and measure sustainability-related factors. Through the development of business strategies and application of responsible technologies, we help clients track and improve sustainability actions across their digital value chains, including ecosystem partnerships. Read more

Standards, safety, security & sovereignty

Regulations, standards, safety, security & sovereignty

Sovereign energy security and resiliency are growing concerns. In compliance with regulations, energy companies must protect critical infrastructure and data, safeguard the environment and worker safety, and bring value to the community.