This podcast series features expert discussions on the impact of the energy transition within various segments of the energy value chain.

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How data is enabling the evolution of green hydrogen

Progressing the energy transition and ESG reporting with data and innovation

2023 Voice of Our Clients insights: trusted data and AI are helping energy and utilities organizations achieve business goals

A perfect storm for data and analytics to be the future of energy and utilities

Adopting DERMS for a resilient and decarbonized future grid

Planning sustainable future grids at Fingrid

What's driving energy and utilities executives' top priorities?

What can North America learn from Europe’s hydrogen journey?

The clean energy transition and manufacturing

Trends in sustainable investment in energy and utilities

Sustainable energy choices - part 1: The need for relevant data and a life cycle view

Sustainable energy choices - part 2: Tracking and tracing relevant data

Supporting the energy transition using space data

The promising role of energy storage in a low-carbon future

Trends in renewables management

The promising role of hydrogen in the new energy market