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Trusted transportation partner

CGI partners with more than 200 clients across the aviation, rail, maritime, road and regional and logistics sectors. With an in-depth understanding of our clients’ industry challenges and business needs, we deliver innovative digital business solutions that improve energy and process efficiencies, optimize the passenger experience, enhance cybersecurity, increase regulatory compliance, and much more.

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Sustainable transport and mobility

CGI works closely with companies across the globe to implement sustainable transport and logistics systems that create new opportunities for sustainable supply chains, while at the same time improve efficiencies and save costs.

CGI helps clients improve network capacity management, minimize schedule delays and reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

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Learn how the City of Rotterdam uses CGI BestDriver app to help reduce fuel consumption and improve safety

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The smart future of transport management

CGI supports Turku’s strategic plan for promoting citizen wellbeing and city competitiveness using advanced analytics.

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The smart future of transport management

The evolution of intelligent transport systems (ITS) is transforming transportation networks, and CGI is at the forefront, using space, wireless, radar, sensor and other advanced technologies to drive innovation in a wide range of ITS areas.

With 30+ years of experience in the transport industry, we’re at the forefront of ITS, and we're excited about integrating ITS technologies into our communities, cars and handheld devices, revolutionizing how transport is thought about and done.

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