Designed to support and enhance public transport, CGI’s Navici® Trip Planner is an innovative online passenger information system that covers all modes of transport and delivers accurate, up-to-date travel information based on a user’s geographic location. By providing easy online access to trip information, public transport operators can better manage transport network resources, increase demand and improve customer service. The Planner is used in cities across the Europe and the U.S.


The Navici Trip Planner uses an intelligent trip planning algorithm to evaluate potential itineraries based on user trip requirements. From their mobile device or PC, users can enter a street address, landmark or street intersection as a departure or destination point. If the Trip Planner finds more than one location for an entry, it automatically provides a list of matches from which to choose.

The Trip Planner evaluates multiple departure and destination stops, taking into account that the nearest stop may not always be the best option. The Planner also provides access to a dynamic map interface that displays a route once the departure and destination has been chosen by the traveler. All route, timetable and itinerary information is made available in a printer-friendly format. The Trip Planner also includes an optional call center user interface to support and streamline call center operations.


The Navici Trip Planner’s open system architecture ensures easy integration and flexible customization. It uses standard hardware, database and interface technology, thus reducing investment and operating costs, and delivering a higher return on investment.

The Trip Planner is highly scalable, with virtually no upper limit to the number of simultaneous end users it can support due to its integrated load balancing capability. The Planner is also available in multiple languages.

Because the Planner can be integrated with most commercially available timetable and route management tools, a custom database can be rapidly developed, as well as indexes of location-based information, sites and other resources available via the Internet. CGI provides consultation and design services for database development, as well as data collection solutions.