When the business evolves, but mission-critical systems do not, outdated technology can become a hindrance rather than enabler. Legacy systems can prevent the business agility needed for innovation and growth. They can also weigh down an organization’s balance sheet with unwanted costs and reduce productivity by requiring inefficient business practices. 


CGI Digishore automates service production and makes software delivery teams significantly more productive than traditional software development, with corresponding cost benefits. Our solution is ideal where legacy technologies have reached their end-of-life, making it difficult to achieve business objectives and are costly to maintain. 


Key benefits of CGI Digishore

  • Modernization is now possible without any documentation or legacy experts.
  • Highly automated approach saves time and money.
  • Modernized systems are easy to develop further without proprietary dependencies.
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In our CGI Voice of Our Clients research, 40% of executives say legacy systems pose a high challenge to implementing their digital strategy. In addition to high and rising operating costs, common issues include risk of system obsolescence, inadequate time to market, and inability to meet regulatory requirements. Additionally, legacy applications often are poorly documented, and finding talent to maintain them is difficult.

of executives say legacy systems pose a high challenge
to implementing their digitization strategy

In contrast, technology modernization promotes sustainable business value in several ways:

  • Improving responsiveness to increase innovation and agility 
  • Enabling more effective adoption of emerging technologies
  • Facilitating system and data integration
  • Supporting more flexible work practices 
  • Freeing up resources to advance digital transformation (as modern systems are more cost-effective)

CGI Digishore automates the end-to-end process of moving from the legacy “as is” code to a modern target state open platform ─ without the need for past documentation or legacy experts. All that’s needed is your legacy code. The solution is based on virtual agents that use publicly available large language models (LLMs) to autonomously execute assigned tasks and goals.

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Key differentiators of CGI Digishore

  • Full current-state analysis and documentation are automatically created 
  • Design and implementation of target solution can be influenced during the modernization process
  • Support available for a wide range of source and target technologies and design principles
  • Generates functionally designed code that is easy to develop further
  • Audit trail capability provides transparency for modernization validation
  • Automate, analyze, design and implementation tasks use generative AI

CGI Digishore: 3 Stage Modernization Automation

CGI Digishore 3 stage modernization automation diagram

  • Technology modernization 
  • Current state design and architecture documentation
  • Target state design and implementation 

Contact us to learn how CGI Digishore can help your organization improve software development and modernize legacy systems.

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