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Adapting to unprecedented change

Today, the fuel retail industry faces unprecedented change across multiple fronts:

  • Market environment: As the push for electronic vehicles (EVs) gathers momentum and mobility choices expand, traditional fuel revenues will decline.
  • Competition: As fuel retailers widen their offerings, and products such as open loop fleet cards enter the market, new competitors will emerge.
  • Customer expectations: Customers increasingly expect to do business online – even when they are in-store. Mobile and in-car payment for both traditional and new services are becoming essential.
  • Regulation and compliance: Legal frameworks for European Union (EU) governance of payment cards have tightened, bringing fuel cards into scope.

Thriving in a fast-changing world requires agility and flexibility

  • Expand service offerings: Companies that traditionally focused on fuel sales need to widen their horizons and be able to offer new services.
  • Enhance experience and agility: The ability to define distinctive offers by combining experience with the agility to roll out new products and services quickly are keys to staying competitive.
  • Build strategic relationships and ecosystems: As an efficient alternative to building new services and products in-house, choose solutions that make it easy to attract and take on new partners or even business models.
  • Focus on your core business, not platforms: Managing operations and compliance takes time away from your team’s innovation and business building efforts.
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Comprehensive managed services reduce costs and effort

We leverage our 35+ years of experience in designing, implementing and operating retail payments, card issuing and loyalty platforms, to provide a robust, secure and future proof solution.

With CGI PayPartner360, you can modernize and simplify your platform. Our software as a service is:

  • Highly available and resilient with near zero downtime
  • Scalable and elastic to meet your processing needs
  • Ensures high standards in technology, delivery and operations with quality framework
  • Evolves to meet emerging needs based on our work with card schemes and standards organizations like International Forecourt Standards Forum (IFSF)
  • Offers monitoring, maintenance, upgrades and compliance (including PCI and Scheme certifications)

Key features of CGI PayPartner360

  • Flexibility: A modular, scalable and configurable solution for card acceptance, issuing and authorization, customer management and loyalty. Enables new features and products through simple configuration; no scripting or development needed.
  • Rich functionality: Authorization capabilities include a wide set of purchase restrictions and credit management. Supports rich pricing and rebates, flexible merchant settlement, EU VAT compliant invoicing, and payments.
  • Real time loyalty: Delivers instant rewards to point of sale (POS) or mobile apps based on location, product, and other transaction details. Enables integration with partners for additional benefits and redemptions.
  • All card types: Supports physical and virtual, closed loop and open loop, prepaid, postpaid, gift, and loyalty cards. Chip and pin, contactless, and mobile payments.
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