In Europe, the shift to immediate payments is accelerating. By January 9, 2025, all banks and other payment service providers must be able to receive instant payments from their customers and, by October 25, 2025, they must be able to offer customers the ability to send instant payments.

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Complying with these impending deadlines presents a significant challenge for European banks, but it’s also a prime opportunity to re-evaluate and enhance payment processing operations. Implementing a flexible and extensible solution can improve overall payments processing efficiency and provide a stable platform for modernization, simplifying payments compliance and development programs—now and into the future.

With CGI All Payments, banks have the flexibility to choose their path toward SCT Inst adoption, including cloud, on-premises, or SaaS options. CGI’s SCT Instant-as-a-Service offering helps banks minimize upfront investments, while our secure API-first and microservice technology enables rapid development and deployment of new workflows. Through these capabilities, banks can quickly seize opportunities to better serve their customers and differentiate themselves in the market.

  • Seamless TIPS or RT1 onboarding: Onboarding within six months with CGI expert guidance
  • Automated credit transfers: Seamless search and inquiry of automated credit transfers, including message monitoring, through an intuitive user interface
  • Comprehensive message support: Management of administrative, service, and payment messages across various real-time payment networks
  • Automatic processing rollover: Automatic adjustment of all relevant dates for internal processing and external notifications based on clearing system messages or notifications.
  • 24/7/365 processing support: Continuous processing of real-time payment credits without planned downtime
  • On-premises or as-a-service deployment; Choose between a traditional on-premises setup or onboard with our DORA-compliant as-a-service offering
  • Local language support: In-country support to ensure smooth operations through CGI’s client-proximity model


We process 40% of global FX settlement volumes, more than 20% of Swift payment transactions, and more than 35% of all U.S. wire-based transaction volumes (~$3 trillion to $5 trillion USD per day).

CGI All Payments improves straight-through processing and delivers full payment service capabilities (benchmarked at more than 22,000 TPS on Azure).

Our relationships with our top 10 banking clients span an average of 27 years.

CGI All Payments’ advanced real-time payments engine ensures fast, efficient, and secure processing of real-time payments, meeting global and European standards—from the FedNow Service in the U.S. to Europe’s SCT Inst payments scheme. We engineered the solution to deliver unparalleled speed and power, supporting 24/7/365 real-time payment processing. With proven linear scalability across diverse payment types and networks, our solution offers not only rapid transaction capabilities but also robust back-end functionality, intuitive user interfaces, and customizable dashboards.

CGI All Payments is a modular, extensible, and cloud-proven solution built on an ISO 20022-native architecture to ensure your payments business is future-proof. It reduces transaction costs and improves your bottom-line by increasing straight-through processing levels and speeding up time to market for new revenue streams. 

CGI All Payments features a technology stack that assembles and integrates industry-leading products that fully complement our payments hub. Clients can choose an on-premises, SaaS, or cloud platform, depending on their capacity needs for today and scalability requirements for tomorrow.

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