Big data and smart analysis

CGI uses predictive analytics, mobile, gamification and sensor technology to help clients, such as Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy (HelB), a bus operator in Helsinki, the City of Rotterdam, and transport provider DHL Express in the Netherlands to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions and improve driver safety.

Trip planning

CGI’s trip planner solution gives advice on the best public transport connection to a destination. In Finland, where commuting is a major part of people’s lives and ecological thinking is very important to many, Helsinki Journey Planner is the third most valued Internet brand. The solution has been implemented more than 35 times, including a nationwide implementation, as well as implementations for cities and regions in Finland and the U.S.

Violation processing

CGI-developed systems have supported the City of New York since 1987 with the efficient enforcement and collection of $11+ billion for violations issued related to parking, red traffic lights, bus lanes, speeding and transit (subway and bus) regulations.

Autonomous vehicles

CGI worked on the European Commission-funded CVIS initiative and the Dutch Government SPITS program by creating in-car and infrastructure technologies that will transform how vehicles communicate with each other and the broader transport network.

Road traffic data registry

For the Swedish Transport Administration, CGI administers and operates an image capture system to process the road traffic registry and other forms. CGI also was chosen as the Administration’s strategic IT service provider and is assisting the agency with managing a workplace modernization program as part of the partnership.

Road tolling

Using CGI Traffic360, we monitor more than 22,000 kilometers of tolled roads in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland to ensure maximum toll collection.

Remote management of public assets.

In the Netherlands, for Rijkswaterstaat (RWS), which manages the main highways and the national water system, CGI is piloting a smart and dynamic solution (IBOR), which allows street lighting to be managed remotely by a computer, tablet or smartphone.


CGI provided Q-Park with specialized know-how to perform application transformation and simplification. We managed the company’s applications through an outsourcing agreement, freeing up staff to focus on profit-enabling initiatives.

Road safety

CGI was the prime contractor and systems integrator for the Ministère des Transports du Québec pilot to improve road safety by installing photo radars at 15 sites within the province.

transport traffic360
IoT et Machine Learning - transport

The smart future of transport management

The evolution of intelligent transport systems (ITS) is transforming transportation networks, and CGI is at the forefront, using space, wireless, radar, sensor and other advanced technologies to drive innovation in a wide range of ITS areas.


iot smart cities cgi ibor solution

On route to a smaller carbon footprint

CGI works closely with companies across the globe to implement sustainable transport and logistics systems that create new opportunities for sustainable supply chains, while at the same time improve efficiencies and save costs.


Through digitalization, CGI partners with transport agencies to modernize and optimize complex public works and transportation operations—driving efficiencies, cost savings, quality and sustainability.

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