Full-scale electric vehicle charge-point management

Transport by car is the fastest growing energy consumer and is responsible for approximately 40 percent of energy consumption by each household. Electric vehicle (EV) transport can change this; it is currently the most efficient way of transport. EVs are both economical and have a much lower CO2 footprint, especially when using green electricity. However, the benefits of EVs will be possible only when critical success factors are achieved, including the following:

  • EV charging should be simple, widely available and safe. Each user should be able to pay for it as he/she wants and user privacy should be guaranteed.
  • EVs must be affordable.
  • Consumers must have a wide range of vehicle choices.
  • EV batteries must be able to last for an extended period of time.
  • EVs must be a pleasure to drive.

Our solution

CGI has joined with a number of partners to address these critical success factors. We have taken the lead, for example, in developing an infrastructure to support EV charging stations. Our Charge-Point Interactive Management System (CiMS) provides full-scale EV charge point management capabilities delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) in our private cloud.

CiMS is based on common standards, ensuring ease of use and interoperability with different types and brands of charge points. It also supports different front and back office systems and various payment methods. In addition, it can be easily adapted to accommodate evolving technologies such as mobile payments.

CiMS is in operation in different European countries. It provides clients, including energy retailers, travel companies and other EV stakeholders, access to new markets and consumer groups. It also supplies grid owners with valuable data on grid load management so that they can anticipate the effects of EVs on their businesses and infrastructures. In addition, it supports the efforts of governments in developing policies to reduce CO2 emissions and air pollution through the adoption of EVs.

Why CGI?

Sustainability is a central theme in CGI’s vision of the future. We are convinced that a sustainable way of working and living is the only way forward. Of course, your company needs to comply with regulations and minimize costs and risks. But, just imagine the benefits of developing sustainable services and ecosystems at the same time.

We create smarter processes to make transport more efficient while reducing pollution. Insights from our own sustainability programs help us to develop new sustainability services.

CGI’s EV solutions are in use in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Norway and Sweden and are just one of our focus points in the areas of sustainability. We also invest in the development of smart electricity grids, which are essential to the adoption of EVs.

Our EV expertise is backed by our broad utilities capabilities, which includes a major presence across North America, Europe and Australia, and 6,000+ dedicated utilities professionals. We’re a partner to 8 of the 10 largest utilities in Europe and North America, working with more than 200 clients globally. We also designed and built 11 of the 17 central energy market infrastructures in the world today.

We believe in our EV investment and are excited about accelerating the growth of EVs to build a more sustainable future.