With the rise of renewable energy production, a growing number of prosumers and the steady proliferation of digital technologies, there is a pressing need in the Danish electricity retail market to balance the energy system and share the large volumes of data and information being produced.

Energinet, Denmark’s transmission system operator (TSO) was tasked with the responsibility of building and operating a new central market system that could:

  • Easily be accessed by all market participants
  • Ensure uniform communication methods
  • Standardize market processes for recording and distributing energy market data
  • Provide equal information access to all market parties
  • Be automated and simple to use

To meet these requirements, Energinet chose CGI to develop DataHub, a solution that provided a centralized, secure platform that enabled fair competition, better communication among market parties and easy access to data and information sharing between them.

Read how CGI’s partnership with Energinet and the close collaboration between various market players has formed the cornerstone of the successful implementation of DataHub, and is helping shape the future of the electricity market.