Endesa began its gas and electricity trading operations in Portugal in 1993. In 2015, with 150,000 customers the company partnered with CGI with the objective of reaching 500,000 customers in 2020.

“CGI supports our entire value chain because it has an in-depth knowledge of the business.” 

Inés Roque
Operations Director, Endesa



In 2015, Endesa developed a 5-year business plan with the goal of expanding its portfolio of services and reaching 500,000 customers by 2020. To achieve this, it needed to migrate to a more flexible and customer-oriented business model. Its key goals were as follows:

  • Digitize operations
  • Reduce time-to-market
  • Reduce operational costs


Services and solutions

Endesa and CGI entered into a full outsourcing partnership agreement, which included Endesa’s business-to-consumer operations. Under the agreement, CGI provides consulting services, systems and solutions, business process services (BPS) and stores, as well as printing and finishing services. With the renewal of the partnership in March 2020, the scope of the project expanded to encompass the operation of Endesa’s customer contact center.

CGI delivers support based on an as-a-service model to enable Endesa to expand the range of services and the scale of its services and solutions based on evolving business needs.

CGI’s support covers all areas of Endesa’s commercial operations and includes the following:

  • u@cloud, CGI's SaaS customer care and billing solution
  • Customer relationship management solution supported by Salesforce
  • Solutions to support digital channels (corporate website, customer portal, mobile app, interactive invoice and sales tracking)
  • Endesa management support analytics and regulatory reporting solution
  • GoEndesa solution that supports integration with sales and operation management channels
  • Back-office BPS operation for the entire life cycle of Endesa contracts
  • Contact center operation
  • Operation of two Endesa Stores in Portugal (Oporto and Lisbon)
  • Printing and finishing



Endesa’s strategy, which continues to be eminently customer oriented, provides a set of digital channels for customers that allow them to interact with Endesa when most convenient for them, and through their preferred channel. In addition, the digitization of the sales process provides Endesa with full online sales traceability, which end customers can monitor from the moment they contract the service to the provider until they receive the first invoice, establishing a bond of trust and increasing customer satisfaction.  

Additional benefits of this partnership include the following:

  • The digital transformation of Endesa’s operation
  • Greater agility and capacity to respond to constantly evolving business demands
  • Significant and sustained increase in sales through digital channels;
  • Significant reduction in operating costs
  • More flexible solutions in managing operations 
  • Significant decrease in time to market for new products and services 
  • Real-time operations monitoring


Greater convenience for end customers

CGI implemented several solutions to enhance the customer experience for Endesa, including the following:
  • New corporate website
  • MyEndesa Portal
  • Offers simulator
  • Interactive invoice with multiple features
  • Interactive SMS
  • End-to-end digitization of the sales process
  • New payment methods



The unprecedented crisis resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic posed unexpected challenges for an industry that supplies essential services and in which business continuity is a top priority. CGI and Endesa developed a joint plan for responding to the crisis. CGI moved the entire operation to teleworking in record time and ensured continued service levels, customer satisfaction and ongoing expansion of its customer base. The digitization of all core business processes, in particular, turned out to be a critical investment for ensuring business continuity and for driving a significant increase in the number of customers, in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.


Watch the video on Endesa and CGI's outsourcing partnership. (Video reposted with permission from Exame Informatica.)