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RMS enables the proactive and efficient management of renewable assets by providing greater insight into operations, and analyzing key performance indicators and their evolution. RMS facilitates timely, strategic decision making which leads to greater efficiency, reduced downtime and optimized performance. 

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“RMS incorporates innovative operational and analysis modules designed to fully cover our needs.”

Tiago Silva, Head of Operations Management @ Iberwind - Read our case study

Improve performance, increase power

RMS comprises an integrated set of tools to maximize energy production, increase availability, control energy losses and improve overall operational performance with direct impact on business revenues.

Designed to assist both managers and field teams on-the-go, RMS combines the best of both worlds, with real-time portfolio monitoring plus key business operational indicators that can be easily accessed through a web browser or mobile app (iOS and Android).

RMS provides a global overview of portfolio performance and helps analysts to quickly understand the root causes of problems, improve efficiency with power curve comparisons and visualize trends in production.

Well-suited for control rooms where a clear real-time overview of all assets and the shortest time to action are a priority, RMS also includes step-by-step workflows to guide operators, remote control of plants and assets, and intelligent alarm management.

RMS helps to extend asset lifetime by anticipating potential faults.

The RMS solution also offers additional toolsets to aid in managing renewables operations, including:

  • Automatic generation and sharing of reports.
  • Operations Planner to plan field activities and track work in progress.
  • Predictive maintenance using machine learning to pin-point possible component faults.

How RMS works

RMS has a user-friendly interface developed using human-computer interaction (HCI), and incorporates market standards and modern, flexible technologies.

The RMS solution has built-in mechanisms to cater for scalability, micro-services and real-time streaming of KPI calculations. The Rest API provides open and defined interfaces that allow third parties to retrieve information on real-time data from the in-memory database and historical data through web services. The solution’s Trigger API is based on a publisher/subscriber concept and allows third-party applications to be notified of data changes. These APIs enable clients to further integrate their renewables portfolio with other systems and develop new tools.

RMS offers all the advantages of a cutting-edge cloud-based solution. It leverages IoT, supports big data and real-time analytics, and offers agile developments and deployments.

How it is delivered

Pay-as-you-go service
RMS is offered as a subscriber-based cloud service allowing clients to pay according to the current portfolio size and choice of modules. Hosting services can be customized based on service-level requirements of availability, security, location and standards.

On-premises installations
Clients can also opt for an on-premises installation of the solution, if required.

Software maintenance
We offer software maintenance services, including error correction and regular releases, including minor and major versions of RMS.


  • Manage all your renewable assets from a single system
  • Enjoy real-time monitoring and control
  • Support end-to-end business processes
  • Integrate seamlessly with grid operators
  • Plan and track maintenance activities
  • Save time with automated reports
  • Flexible working with web and mobile platforms


CGI is one of the most experienced software integrators for wind farm management systems worldwide. Our engineering team has strong technical and industry knowledge and has been successfully delivering such projects for more than 15 years.

RMS is proven to handle high volumes of real-time data and incorporates world-class tools to turn this data into valuable information. RMS is used to monitor and control around 15 GW of renewable energy production in 11 countries across three continents.