Accelerate your renewables. Power your business.

RMS comprises an integrated set of tools to maximize energy production, increase availability, control energy losses and improve overall operational performance with a direct impact on business revenues.


Monitor and track real-time data and historical performance indicators of renewable assets on your laptop or mobile device.

Assists managers and field teams with real-time notifications and field activities workflow. It is also available in IOS and Android native mobile applications.


Get valuable data insights and manage renewable assets performance with a handful set of analysis tools.

Provides a global overview of portfolio performance and helps analysts quickly manage availability, improve asset performance and maximize production.


Supervise and control your renewable assets centrally, in real-time, with a module designed for control rooms.

Helps operators increase portfolio uptime and maximize production by supporting operational decisions where speedy action is a priority.


Leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to detect abnormal behavior and anticipate potential failures.

Enables asset managers and analysts to anticipate potential failures and intervene early by using machine learning algorithms and building digital twins.

RMS offers all the advantages of a cutting-edge cloud-based solution. It leverages IoT, supports big data and real-time analytics, and offers agile developments and deployments. With RMS, you can:

  • Manage your entire portfolio from a single platform
  • Monitor and control your assets centrally, in real-time
  • Improve asset performance and reduce downtime and operating costs at scale
  • Access valuable data insights with built-in machine learning and AI
  • Increase energy value revenue with market integration
  • Plan and track maintenance activities with Operations Planner and Ticket Management
  • Save time with automated reports
  • Contractual compliance and TSO/DSO integration
  • Local support for your end-to-end business operations and processes
  • Custom software developments to accelerate your business growth
RMS solution shown on laptop screen and mobile device

Graphs on computer screens representing insights from RMS solution

Modular and scalable architecture

RRMS is designed to grow with your business, using a scalable IT infrastructure that enables you to add new data sources and modules as needed.

RMS leverages IoT, supports big data and real-time analytics and offers agile developments and deployments.

Fully cloud-based

RMS is offered as a subscriber-based cloud service allowing clients to pay accordingly to the current portfolio size, choice of modules and service level requirements.

Clients can also opt for an on-premises installation of the solution if required.

Open, data-centric platform

RMS is a single source of harmonized operational data capable of integrating data sources and equipment from multiple renewable assets and vendors.

Our solution is an open system designed to integrate and evolve with APIs that can be used to fully access data and interface with third parties.

More than 15 years successfully delivering renewable projects worldwide

Our clients trust RMS to get the most from their renewable assets. By handling high volumes of real-time data and turning this data into valuable information, RMS enables timely, strategic decision-making which, in turn, leads to greater efficiency, reduced downtime and optimized performance.

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