Four partners, one belief and the power of technology: discover how innovative solutions and a data-driven approach are helping build the mobility of tomorrow. 

Car accidents are the leading cause of work-related fatalities in France. Nearly 40,000 people have traffic accidents on their way to and from work each year. 

To change this reality and make roads safer, CGI, BNP Paribas Cardif and Colas decided to join forces with Michelin on their Better Driving Community* initiative. 

At the core of this project is a shared belief that this new ecosystem will drive development of smarter, safer mobility. 

From driving behavior data to analysis

Better Driving Community is a Michelin Group initiative that aims to build safer mobility through driving data. In concrete terms, drivers are equipped with a connected box that collects detailed data. 

Relying on their expertise in continuous analysis, Michelin obtains a driving score through an app that focuses on three major safety aspects: speed, responsiveness and adaptability. 

The device offers drivers customized daily prevention tips, increasing their awareness of risky behaviors so they can change them and make the roads safer for themselves and others.  

An awareness- and innovation-based approach  

Through this partnership, CGI, Michelin, BNP Paribas Cardif and Colas are targeting two key objectives.

  • Educate their employees and the general public: spread the word that Better Driving Community is an innovative tool anyone can use, getting as many people as possible to use it and encouraging better driving habits as a result. 
  • Create an ecosystem of mobility experts: share the expertise of the partners and their data scientists to better understand driving habits and behaviours to develop new data-driven services.

A 100% Tech for Good initiative

Our decision to become a digital partner of Better Driving Community came quite naturally—further evidence that innovation in service of the common good is key to building the world of tomorrow.   

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