Intelligent transport systems

In the world of transport, imagine this. Traffic is automatically redirected just seconds after an accident. Speed limits are automatically adjusted to the flow of traffic. Extra lanes become available before any bottlenecks. Cars not only “talk” to us and to each other but also drive themselves.

These are not futuristic fantasies, but real-world realities and possibilities, thanks to the evolution of intelligent transport systems (ITS), which are transforming our transport networks.

As a leading ITS developer and integrator, CGI uses a variety of proprietary technologies that work in harmony, including space and land-based wireless communications, radar, sensor and information technologies, and more.

30+ years of transportation and logistics experience

With 30+ years of experience in the transport industry, we’re at the forefront of ITS, and we're excited about integrating ITS technologies into our communities, cars and handheld devices, revolutionizing how transport is thought about and done.


ITS innovation areas
  • Dynamic transport management
  • Infrastructure charging
  • Smart travel
  • Smart logistics
  • Asset management
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