Driving efficiencies and opportunities in onboard sales

Airlines and railways are seeking new business opportunities and new ways to improve passenger service and satisfaction. Even the smallest competitive edge can make a significant difference in the competitive passenger transport industry. CGI’s Pro Logistica is a retail solution for onboard sales that is helping airlines and railways achieve these goals and more.

Our soluton

Pro Logistica is based on a comprehensive set of functions for sales operations, purchasing, warehousing and stock control, as well as for sales reconciliation, VAT reporting, commission calculation and credit card submission. It is designed to meet and exceed mobile retail resource planning requirements.

With high levels of automation and a consistent view of the entire logistics process, Pro  Logistica not only improves efficiency, but offers user-friendly tools for core mobile retail functions. It provides a complete solution for improving mobile retail and creating new business opportunities.

Efficient control of mobile retail is based on separate flows of materials and money. A comparison of these separate flows reveals potential weaknesses in daily replenishment, sales and money handling procedures. Providing control over these can improve efficiency and profitability. Pro Logistica supports automatic and real-time results analysis and, with built-in graphical reporting, complete operational results are only a mouse click away.

Pro Logistica is scalable and can manage large volumes of data. For example, a single installation can serve an unlimited number of companies in multiple locations around the globe. If required, Pro Logistica can integrate with existing web-shop, route scheduling, crew roster, stock management and accounting systems.

In the ever-changing, modern world, security is a high priority. Pro Logistica provides flexible user management, with traceable change management and freely defined roles. All sensitive information is stored in a secure, encrypted format. Pro Logistica is suitable for PCI compliant installations and can also be implemented both as a hosted service and as a cloud service.

Key features

  • Designed for global use
  • Complete web solution, affordable and fast to deploy
  • Wireless state of the art connection with mobile devices
  • Full support for stock control, passenger service and onboard retail
  • Automatic discrepancy analysis
  • Multi-currency support with automatic exchange rate update
  • Built-in reporting tool, including graphical business monitors
  • Powered by state-of-the-art SQL technology
  • Open and standardized XML interfaces for efficient integration

Experience and expertise

  • In-depth industry expertise combined with broad experience in onboard retail solutions
  • Extensive technical support, as well as customer and training services
  • 30 airlines worldwide are using CGI’s Pro Logistica, an enterprise-wide mobile retail solution to provide flexible mobile retailing functionality for managing onboard sales and stock movement.